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Very sad reason!

The feudal period in China was a highly centralized system of imperial power. Therefore, the emperor is the most powerful person and is likened to the son of heaven.heavenly son).

The team that followed the emperor was countless, but the most typical of them were the concubines in the harem. When the emperor was still alive, they were not only responsible for the birth of an heir, but also a testament to a prosperous dynasty as well as the power of the emperor. King.

According to custom, when the emperor died, a number of concubines would also have to be buried. However, not everyone shares the same fate.


In the harem, there are some concubines not favored by the emperor, most of these people will be assigned the task of guarding the mausoleum. Because they were not favored while alive, they were not allowed to “follow” the emperor to the afterlife. These people had no other choice, so they had to take care of the emperor’s tomb.

It seems that it is lucky to be alive, but in reality, the lives of those who stay are not as good as those of the buried concubines.

The emperor died, the concubine had to do something more painful than burying alive: The reason is very sad!  - Photo 1.

Even though they were unpopular concubines, they were the emperor’s palace maids anyway, their lives were much better than those of ordinary palace maids. They may not have been able to eat delicious dishes, but in return they are treated gently and in moderation.

On the other hand, being unpopular also helps them stay away from the intrigues of court battles, can enjoy life to the fullest, eat some of their favorite foods, so life is not so bad.

However, when the emperor dies, they will become the court maids who take care of the tomb. Once they became the palace maids of the mausoleum, they had to eat frugally. The reason they have to eat and drink like that is to pay respect to the deceased emperor as well as to mourn the departure of the monarch.

When they were still concubines in the palace, these people could still look at the flowers in the garden and wear some beautiful and luxurious clothes. But after becoming the guardians of the king’s mausoleum, they were forced to wear plain clothes every day and leave their faces bare. This is also one of the regulations to show respect to the emperor.


Although they were still alive, these concubines had suffered severe torment in their hearts. Long-term mental decline will also lead to depression and change. So often there are palace maids guarding the tomb go crazy.

There is another reason why these girls’ lives have become “tragedy”. These were some of the concubines who had come from large families and led a pampered life.

But now they are taken to a cemetery and become the guardians of the mausoleum, so all the heavy lifting has to be done by themselves. Moreover, the job of the custodian of the mausoleum is to check daily to make sure everything inside is clean. Once they find out that there is a loss or dirt, they will be severely punished.

The emperor died, the concubine had to do something more painful than burying alive: The reason is very sad!  - Photo 3.

In addition, in the past, the concubines in the palace, although not favored by the emperor, could at least entertain and chat to find joy. But when the emperor died, they were forced to keep a melancholy face.

Moreover, in feudal times, there was a lot of emphasis on ritual rituals, so when coming to a big festival, the work of concubines and concubines was very much. With the reasons mentioned above, long-term accumulation will also make people’s hearts gradually “distorted”, losing normal emotions.

Some people will question why these concubines accept such a tragic life. The only answer is “they don’t dare”. If something goes wrong, their family will be implicated. So the concubines The mausoleum guard could only endure each day until he had a mental breakdown, finally exhausted his strength and passed away.

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