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Video of the Swiss nuclear bunker

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has sparked interest in Swiss concrete nuclear bunkers, built during the Cold War with enough space to shelter all of the country’s citizens. .

Since the 1960s, every Swiss municipality has had to build nuclear bunkers for their residents and they are mandatory for large houses as well as residential buildings.

“I think this shelter system is very important,” said Marie-Claude Noth-Ecoeur, head of military and civilian security services in the Wallis region, in the mountains of southern Switzerland. We draw lessons from the problems that occurred in the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan. Currently, Switzerland and in Europe still have many nuclear power plants. So this is very helpful. With what’s going on in the world, we always have to keep them on standby.”

Nuclear bunkers have become an integral part of Switzerland, similar to its famous chocolates, banks and watches.

In recent times, these underground cellars are often used for storage or as a cellar. But they are playing a new role since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Switzerland has committed that every citizen will have a space to hide in when needed. The country of 8.6 million people has nearly 9 million shelters with 365,000 private and public shelters.

Nicola Squillaci, head of Geneva’s Agency for Civil Protection and Military Affairs, said the bunkers were built to protect people, “especially in the case of bombings and nuclear attacks. “.

Switzerland’s network of nuclear bunkers has many other everyday uses, such as military barracks or temporary accommodation for asylum seekers. But the Swiss authorities require them to be used only for other purposes within five days.

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