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Vietnam Airlines continues to lose more than 13,300 billion VND

According to this report, the fourth quarter’s profit after tax of the Corporation recorded a loss of 1,184 billion dong; accumulated for the whole year of 2021, a loss of 13,337 billion VND, down 2,200 billion VND compared to the same period in 2020.

The Corporation’s revenue from sales and service provision in the fourth quarter was recorded at more than 9,212 billion VND, an increase of more than 1,000 billion compared to the same period in 2020. Accumulated revenue for the whole year reached 28,093 billion VND, down 12,660 billion. compared with the same period last year.

As of December 31, 2021, the undistributed profit on the Corporation’s balance sheet was negative 21,978 billion VND, approaching the owner’s contributed capital to 22,143 billion VND.

At the same time, the Corporation’s total assets reached more than VND 63,100 billion, short-term debt of VND 14,374 billion, an increase of more than 3,000 billion compared to the beginning of the year, long-term loans of VND 20,424 billion, a decrease of more than 2,400 billion compared to the beginning of 2021.

Previously, the Vietnam Airlines Corporation applied for an extension of the time to disclose information about the financial statements for 2021.

Accordingly, the financial statements of the Corporation are compiled from the reports of the parent company and 15 subsidiaries. However, from the beginning of 2022, the epidemic situation continued to be complicated, the number of F0 cases increased, many officers and employees of the Corporation had to be isolated and treated at home.

That leads to a shortage of accounting personnel at the parent company and member companies, so it is difficult to provide documents and data for comparison and synthesis of consolidated financial statements.

On the market, closing the last trading session of the week (April 1), HVN shares of Vietnam Airlines Corporation were listed at VND 25,500/unit. The average matching volume of 10 sessions was more than 2.2 million units.

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