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When Miss Universe 2021 struggled with weight, Miss World 2021 became more and more colorful, every time she appeared, she was flawless.

Since Miss Universe 2021 has not yet taken place, Harnaaz Sandhu has been considered a bright candidate for the crown of the largest beauty arena on the planet. Not disappointing the audience, Harnaaz shined throughout the contest thanks to the convergence of beauty, talent and bravery. However, the post-crowned journey of the Indian beauties encountered many difficulties, which stemmed from the change in her physique.

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Indian beauty, compared to the goddess Medusa of Harnaaz at the time of coronation. Deep eyes, seductive lips, full and toned body form the enchanting image of Harnaaz in the finale of Miss Universe 2021.

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Crowned not long ago, Harnaaz Sandhu was caught up in a vortex of criticism for uncontrolled weight gain. In a recent video, the beauty could not even fasten the dress she wore when she was crowned because of her changing physique. Before a series of disparaging comments, Miss Hau explained that she had a rare disease, Celiac, related to the intestinal tract. The drugs she used to treat the disease had a side effect of water retention, the reason why Harnaaz’s body was chubby like now.

While Harnaaz is struggling to find a balance, Karolina Bielawska, the owner of the Miss World 2021 crown, is showing an impressive dominance in post-crowned beauty.

The Miss World 2021 contest has just ended not long ago, the name of the new Miss Karolina Bielawska is still receiving much attention from the beauty-loving community. Since the coronation until now, Karolina is maintaining a very good shape, each time her appearance makes the audience admire. From the golden hair that is always in a standard style as if she just stepped out of the salon, the extremely “expensive” makeup layout to the standard outfits, can’t find anything to criticize.

Both Queens are loyal to nude tones when applying makeup, but Miss Universe’s crew does not understand their Queen, who has brown skin but is often painted with dark eyes, making her face less attractive. . Karolina is fortunate to be able to wear bright, appropriate layouts and cleverly respect her Barbie-like facial features. Hopefully Karolina’s team continues to thrive and Harnaaz’s team urgently reconsiders to help her shine instead of leaving her stuck in this situation forever.

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