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4 foods that make men weak

Daily nutrition has a significant impact on your physiological function, remember!

Physiologic man It is not only a measure of their health but also a determining factor in their “performance, bravery, and position” in family life. So the “upper told the bottom did not listen” is the unspeakable pain of many men.

In addition to the causes such as: age, unhealthy living habits, work characteristics, pathology, etc., daily nutrition has a significant influence on physiological function.

4 foods that make you soft like vermicelli, stay away from cravings-1

1. Animal organs

This is a favorite dish on the drinking table of many gentlemen. However, this food is high in saturated fat and high in cholesterol. If you eat a lot, it will cause weight gain and blood fat, poor blood circulation, high possibility of erectile dysfunction.

2. Eating too sweet

Foods that are too salty or too sweet are not good for men’s physiological health. The intake of too much will cause sympathetic nervous system disorders, poor blood circulation, erectile ability is also affected.

4 foods that make you soft like vermicelli, stay away from cravings-2

3. Coffee

Coffee is kind of drinks favored by men. However, too much caffeine is the reason why men’s sex drive declines.

However, for many men with excessive sexual desire, women can take advantage of this. However, coffee should not be consumed too much because it will affect sleep, leading to reduced health.

4. Mint

Mint is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants. It helps the digestive system work better because it contains antibacterial ingredients, stimulating digestive functions to work optimally.

However, mint also contains substances that reduce libido. You guys should just brush your teeth with mint cream rather than eating mint to freshen your mouth.

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