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6 common mistakes when drinking water

Drinking a lot during meals affects the digestive system, not adding water in the morning when you wake up, the exercise process can cause the body to lose water.

If vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates are necessary for the existence of the body, so is water. Nutritionists recommend that each person should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to ensure the body works properly. Not drinking enough and in the wrong way can affect your overall health. Here are possible mistakes when adding water that you should avoid.

Drink water while standing

According to Healthshots, Various studies show that, when you drink water in a standing position, the water will flow down the digestive system quickly, in the form of a straight spray. In a sitting position, the muscles and nerves are relaxed to absorb more water. You should sit and relax, then enjoy a drink.

Do not add water during exercise

Several factors will determine how much water you need to drink each day, including exercise. Once there, the amount of water you need to drink will vary based on individual factors including; sweat output, exercise intensity, and climate. According to the American Council on Exercise, you can lose more than a liter of water in an hour of exercise. Dehydration can cause muscle fatigue, reducing overall athletic performance. The Board recommends drinking 17 to 20 ounces of water two hours before exercise, adding 7 to 10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise.

Adding water during exercise helps to avoid dehydration.  Photo: Medicalnewstoday

Adding water during exercise helps to avoid dehydration. Photo: MYedicalnewstoday

Drink lots of water with meals

In fact, many people tend to drink more water during meals to eat in a hurry. Drinking more water with meals is unhealthy, interferes with digestion, and can cause acid reflux and heartburn. The ideal time to drink water is 30 minutes before a meal and 60 to 90 minutes after a meal to keep digestive fluid and enzyme levels normal.

Only drink cold water

According to Healthline, there are practical benefits to drinking ice water, such as the beverage helping to regulate your body temperature during exercise. However, drinking warm water also has its advantages, including reducing nasal congestion, improving digestion, improving circulation, and reducing stress levels. Furthermore, if you live in a cooler climate, a cup of warm water for herbal tea might be a good idea.

Do not drink water in the morning

Normally, each person will sleep for 6-8 hours a night, this long period of time makes the body lack of water, so we often wake up dehydrated. At this time, the addition of water helps to start the metabolism, protect the intestines, and make the body more refreshing.

Drinking massively

Drinking large amounts of water can cause stomach upset. In fact, there is no standard formula for how much water to add. This depends on the level of physical activity, climate environment, health status… According to page webmd, The best way to check for dehydration is to observe your own urine. Clear to light urine means you are getting enough water, darker urine means you need to replenish.

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