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6 mysterious methods to test the virginity of ancient Chinese women

In ancient China, a decent woman was not allowed to have sex before marriage. That is, on the eve of the wedding, the girl must be a virgin, or she will be considered a “slut” and sent back to her mother’s house.

Virginity is very important, so girls never take the initiative to “have sex” with their husbands. Therefore, ancient Chinese men had many tricks to check whether their wives were virgins or not.

“Loc Hong” on the wedding night

The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the vagina, often torn during sexual intercourse, accompanied by bleeding. It is the unique physiological structure of ancient Chinese women and men who invented the very popular virginity test.

If the bride’s hymen is torn, then the husband will conclude that she is no longer a virgin. On the other hand, if she is whole, this girl will be respected and loved by her husband. Therefore, it was a common practice in the past that the husband would prepare a white cloth in the wedding hall to check if his wife was bleeding during sex.

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In many novels, ancient Chinese men used this method to test their wives’ virginity. Many girls, because they don’t bleed at night in the bedroom, are returned by their husbands’ families to their birth parents or treated very cruelly. Not only in China, the method of determining virginity based on the hymen is also popular in many other countries. However, current treatment has proven that the hymen is damaged not only by sex. Even accidents at work, sports… can also cause a girl to tear her hymen. On the other hand, many girls do not have a thick hymen or hymen, when sex is not torn, it is easy to be unfair using this method.

archer sa

This is also one of the secrets to help check the virginity of women in ancient times. According to the book “Uncle Do Chi” from the Jin Dynasty, the bow was a red mark to indicate that the girl was a virgin. The archer is a type of gecko that feeds on cinnabar, so its body is red. The men beat the archers to get a red liquid like vermilion, then rubbed this water on the girl’s arm, about an inch from the shoulder. If this person does not have sex, the prolapsed arch will remain intact, and then turn into a lipstick mole. Conversely, if the body is missing, the red mark will disappear.

However, whether sand archery is really as magical as in the legends is unclear as currently very few people are testing it. We also don’t have any documents to verify, so it’s most likely just a product of the imagination of the ancient Chinese.

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Virginity test blood test

The ancient Chinese told each other that when the blood of a virgin is dropped into water, it will clot and not disperse. Conversely, if the body is lost, the blood will dissolve in water.

According to the book “Chong Minh Man Luc” by the Thai scholar Hanh Tu of the Qing Dynasty, a girl was accused by her husband’s family of adultery with her neighbor. To check the daughter-in-law’s virginity, the husband’s family makes her drink, then take her blood and drop it into the water. The drops of his blood then condense like pearls, so that they are finally returned to purity.

Virginity test midwife

In addition to the above methods, the ancient Chinese also used a midwife to check a woman’s virginity. The midwife will usually be the matchmaker or someone appointed by the groom’s family.

The book “Kien Sinh Van” was used to record the use of midwives to experience the body during the Han Dynasty. Therefore, before Empress Luong Oanh was ordained, she had to undergo an examination by Ngo Cau.

In terms of appearance, Queen Luong Oanh has a face “like dawn in the snow, so beautiful that it is difficult for people to look straight”. The queen’s five senses are also perfect, “clear eyes, thick curved eyelashes, bright red lips, white teeth, slender ears, high nose bridge, matching cheekbones”.

After that, Wu Gou also examined the empress body. After taking off her clothes, the queen gave off a delicate fruity scent, her skin was clean, her private areas were pink, and her hymen was still intact.

It can be seen that the midwife examination process in the past was not much different from the current gynecological examination. They pay the most attention and check the private area to see if the woman is a virgin or not.

“The wind sneezes”

The method of checking virginity called “wind sneezing” is quite strange, but it was also used in feudal China. In a novel written about the Ming Dynasty, virgins are tested by taking the girl to a coal basin without wearing any underwear. After that, people burned the paper and blew smoke so the girl had to sneeze. During the sneezing process, if there is wind down below to blow away the ashes, the girl is no longer a virgin. On the other hand, if the coal ashes did not move, the girl was determined to become a virgin.

However, this way of determining virginity can cause many girls to be unfair. If he sneezed hard, surely the coal ash underneath would fly everywhere, it had nothing to do with the loss of virginity.

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Look at the bones and their appearance

In addition to the ways of experiencing the body mentioned above, the ancient Chinese also relied on bones and appearance to identify virgins. There is a passage in the Ming Dynasty novel “Bat Qiaoqin” about the autopsy of a woman who has died. If you want to know if this person is a virgin or not, take a look at his occipital bone. White neck bone means still a virgin, black bone is no longer sacred.

In addition, society also passed down a way to distinguish a woman’s virginity through the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are hook-shaped and long, they are virgins; if the eyebrows are raised and long, the girl is not a virgin. Or when seeing a girl’s steps, if she walks with closed legs, it is virgin, if she walks in 2 rows, there is a clear gap between her thighs, she loses her virginity.

When looking at the corner of her eyes, if the girl has pink or slightly red eyes, this person has just lost her virginity. On the other hand, people with black eyes indicate that they have long lost their virginity. However, this body method is only for young girls and is not suitable for middle-aged women.

There are many other concepts of virginity, such as if you are still a virgin, after having physical intercourse will leave many pink marks. In the book “Kim Do Thu and Ancient Practices”, a virgin woman is a person with a straightforward but unattractive spirit, knows how to smile to hide her teeth, and her shoulders are raised like a turtle. Those who have inappropriate gestures and charming demeanor are surely lepers.

In some documents it is also mentioned that the woman who was standing leaning against the door, when she saw people coming, rolled her eyes, rubbed her cheeks, bit her fingers, straightened her clothes, sat and shook her thighs, etc.

Or another way to identify a virgin is curled eyelashes, round, soft breasts. Someone who is not a virgin has long eyelashes and drooping breasts.

The above are ways to test virginity that the ancient Chinese often used. No method is 100% accurate, so many girls suffer injustice due to this practice.

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