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6 steps to rescue a drowning child

The National Children’s Hospital has just received emergency treatment for a 32-month-old boy in a state of lethargy, breathing oxygen mask, his forehead, nose and mouth exude a lot of fluid after a drowning accident. TS.BS Le Ngoc Duy – Head of Emergency and Poison Control said that the child was hospitalized in a state of respiratory failure, signs of nerve damage accompanied by swelling of the forehead and left eye due to a fall.

After emergency treatment and clinical tests and CT scan of the brain, the child was diagnosed with respiratory failure/fracture of the frontal bone in the left eye socket. After one day of intensive treatment, the child’s health is progressing well, leaving no neurological sequelae during the emergency cardiac arrest, the child will be discharged to the lower level for further monitoring until the health is stable and discharged. hospital home with family.

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Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children. (Illustration)

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children. If given emergency care in time, the child can survive the crisis, but it can also lead to serious complications such as respiratory failure, pneumonia, or brain damage due to prolonged lack of oxygen or even death. .

The right first aid technique when a child is drowning is extremely important, deciding the child’s survival.

TS.BS Le Ngoc Duy clearly shows 6 steps to rescue drowning children:

– Step 1: Call for help and quickly get the child out of the water by all means.

– Step 2: Place the child in a dry, ventilated place.

– Step 3: If the child is unconscious, check if the child is still breathing by observing whether the chest is moving or not, then take necessary first aid measures such as artificial respiration, chest compressions. …

– Step 4: After the victim wakes up, it is necessary to put the victim in a lying position, put pillows on both shoulders, widen clothes to prevent the child from suffocating again.

– Step 5: Check if the victim has a broken spine or other bone and joint injuries. If present, quickly immobilize the neck with a splint.

– Step 6: Dry the body, change clothes and warm up, then quickly take the child to the nearest medical facility for the doctors to handle the next steps. On the way, the family should pay attention to monitor the child’s breathing and circulation. Preferably with the transportation assistance of the 115th Ambulance team.

Doctors note that in the process of first aid for drowning, it is necessary to avoid common mistakes such as turning the child upside down or carrying the child on his shoulder and then running to vomit water, carrying and running will slow down the first aid time and increase the risk of drowning. choke. …

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