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Being brutally abused, the woman dumped her lover’s body into the well

On October 22, 2021, police in Zhejiang (China) investigated a horrible murder: a woman used sleeping pills to deceive her lover, then dismembered the victim’s body and dumped it into a well.

Why would a woman act so cruelly?

The perpetrator was identified as Ms. Yue (40 years old, Zhejiang), the victim was Mr. Sun (45 years old, Zhejiang).

Ms. Nhac had a husband and children but for some reason divorced in 2018 and Mr. Ton was married but his wife left him because he was addicted to drugs.

The two met in early 2021, decided to move in together without registering their marriage. In August 2021, Ms. Nhac discovered that her mistress was an addict, and since then, he has returned to his true nature, bad habits, lazy to work, beaten and demanded money from Ms. Nhac.

Especially when he was addicted, he repeatedly beat her with a knife, threatening her life. Suffering too much frustration, Ms. Nhac Leelkheyricketythooh his mistress.

On October 17, 2021, she put sleeping pills in her lover’s wine. When Mr. Ton was fast asleep, she dragged him to the kitchen, used a knife to decompose his body and put it in a dry well about 2 km from the house.

Mr. Ton’s body was discovered by people nearby on October 19, 2021. Dmorningahy October 21, 2021, Ms. Nhac was arrested while on the run.

At the trial in early November 2021, Ms. Nhac was sentenced to death.

According to Sohu, Sina

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