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Car models are in short supply, increasing the selling price at the dealer

Since the Lunar New Year, many new car models have been launched in Vietnam. This not only helps the domestic auto market become more vibrant, it also adds more choices for consumers. Some imported car models have an unstable supply, while the increased demand has led to a shortage of goods and an increase in selling prices at dealers.

Toyota raises prices of many models

Toyota Vietnam said it will increase the list price of many car models from May 2022. Including 2 lines of locally assembled cars, Vios and Innova, and 7 other imported models. In which, the increase of Vios and Innova is the lowest, about 5-6 million, while imported models have an increase of 17-40 million.

Car models are in short supply, increasing the price at the dealer - 1

Toyota increased the prices of many models at the same time from May 1.

Specifically, all versions of Toyota Vios increased in price by 5 million VND, Toyota Innova increased by 5 million VND for 2.0G and 2.0E versions, 2.0V and 2.0 Venture versions increased in price by 6 million VND.

Toyota Camry has an increase of 18-21 million dong, Toyota Corolla Cross increased by 16 million dong on all versions, Toyota Raize increased by 20 million dong, Yaris increased by 16 million dong. High-end models such as Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado and Alphard increased in price by 40 million VND.

Models such as Fortuner, Wigo, Corolla Altis, Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio still keep their list prices. However, some models with high demand and shortage of goods are also sold at dealerships with increased prices.

Car models are in short supply, increasing the price at the dealer - 2

Toyota Veloz Cross is in short supply, sold with accessories at VND 30-50 million.

Typically, Veloz Cross, the first batch of cars imported from Indonesia has a limited quantity, which leads to insufficient supply. Some dealers have pre-installed accessories including underbody package, insulation film, floor lining, dash cam…. with the price of 30-50 million dong.

This is not the first time that a Toyota model is in short supply and a “beer with peanuts” situation appears. Before Veloz Cross, some other imported models such as Toyota Raize or Toyota Land Cruiser also had dealer status requiring additional accessories.

Hyundai Creta and Tucson are in short supply, dealers list prices

Urban SUV model Hyundai Creta was launched in Vietnam in mid-March 2022. The car has 3 versions including Standard, Special and Premium, priced at 620 million, 670 million and 730 million VND respectively.

However, due to high demand, many dealers have increased the actual selling price of this model. Specifically, the Standard version costs 15 million VND higher than the listed price, the Special version is 20 million VND higher and the Premium version is 30 million VND higher.

Car models are in short supply, increasing the price at the dealer - 3

The actual selling price of Hyundai Creta is 15-30 million VND higher than the listed price.

Before that, Hyundai Tucson also had a similar situation. Launched at the end of 2021 with a selling price from VND 825 million to 1,020 billion VND, Hyundai Tucson quickly became a craze in the market. The demand for this model is also very large, but the supply is not enough to meet, causing many customers to wait for many months and still not receive the car.

Immediately after the launch, the actual selling price of Hyundai Tucson was 40-50 million VND higher than the listed price. Deposit customers have to “line up” to receive the car, if they want to receive the car early, users must accept to buy “beer with peanuts” over 100 million VND. Worth mentioning, despite having to spend a lot of money to buy accessories, many users still have to wait 2-3 months to receive the car.

Ford Explorer has a price difference of 200-300 million VND

“Rookie” Ford Explorer 2022 was launched in early January, but so far the number of vehicles delivered is still very small due to limited supply. The first batch of cars to the dealer in February had an actual selling price of 200 million dong different from the listed price.

Until April, this situation continued with a difference of 200-300 million VND depending on the agent. According to the research of Zingthis difference may increase further in the near future.

Car models are in short supply, increasing the price at the dealer - 4

Ford Explorer still has a price difference of 200-300 million VND at the dealer. Photo: Vinh Phuc.

“For Ford Explorer 2022, this model is in a serious shortage of stock. Our dealer does not have enough cars to deliver to customers. In April, we received 2 or 3 cars, but they have also been handed over. This situation is expected to continue until May and June, the actual selling price may increase further”, said a Ford sales consultant in Ho Chi Minh City.

The fact that agents increase the actual selling price or sell “beer with peanuts” is still common in the Vietnamese market, especially in the year-end period, near the Lunar New Year due to high shopping demand.

But this year, many car models still have this problem until April. The shortage of semiconductors affects the supply chain, causing the production capacity of many factories to decrease and not to meet market demand. school. This caused many models to be in short supply, leading to an increase in selling prices.

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