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Close-up of super cute mini police car

Tiny police car

Citroën Ami was developed in France as a 4-wheeler for young drivers who do not qualify for a license. The plastic car runs on a 5.5 kWh battery and has a top speed of only 45 km/h. Despite the criticism, the Ami was still sold throughout Europe.

Close-up of super cute tiny police car - 1

Tram mini Ami bears the logo of the Greek police. (Photo: Citroen)

Citroën Ami appeals to inner-city customers who need personal transportation but don’t need speed.

The Citroën Ami is also one of six all-electric vehicles given to the Chalki government (Greece) in a series of plans to turn the beautiful island into a green economy.

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Citroën Ami has a top speed of 45 km/h. (Photo: Hotcars)

Citroën also offers two e-C4s, an e-van for Chalki’s Energy Community and a fun e-Spacetourer minibus for the city.

Ami seemed like the ideal addition to a rather isolated community of only 500 residents.

Low price

Like most cars of its size, the Ami is designed to be cheap. Therefore, buying or even renting will be an alternative to other public transport.

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Ami is suitable for moving in the inner city. (Photo: Hotcars)

For example, in France, where it is manufactured, users can own Citroën Ami for just over $6,556 (equivalent to VND 150 million) due to a support of $ 1,200 from the government to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Some European countries allow people aged 14 and over to drive an Ami without a license.


Thanks to its rather high hood and square proportions, the Citroën Ami has room for two adults. The car does not have an entertainment system, only a fan and heating system suitable for cold climates in Europe and a USB charging port. The interior of the car is neatly designed, creating comfort and relaxation.

Close-up of super cute tiny police car - 4

Interior of Citroën Ami. (Photo: Hotcars)

However, by design, the Citroën Ami was not built for long journeys, only for short and fast drives through towns and cities.

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