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Conference on Mine Remediation Week in the US

Le Tuyen (TV reporter from UN headquarters in New York, USA)Tuesday, April 5, 2022 12:35 GMT+7

Conference organized by the Action Agency on Landmines The United Nations hosted the organization with the theme “safe ground, safe steps, safe home”. Vietnam attended as a guest of the United Nations.

Speakers of the conference are representatives of countries and famous actors who are acting as ambassadors for mine advisory organizations. Speakers said that the consequences left by landmines are extremely painful but have not been paid enough attention.

Ms. Rosamund Pike – Ambassador of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) said: “How can it be right when children are still dying as a result of wars decades ago. How can it be right when children are still alive? murdered with weapons that most countries have banned How can it be true that mothers and fathers have to fear every time their children step out of the comforts of their homes Really not true, not true little bit”.

Conference on Mine Remediation Week in the US - Photo 1.

Photographer Giles Duley speaks at the conference

And unexploded ordnance does not exclude anyone, even those who were not born in the affected area. Giles Duley, a former photographer with many dreams, lost both legs and an arm to a landmine while working in Afghanistan. Later, Giles established a fund specifically for landmine victims. According to him, the victims will not be able to restart their lives without the cooperation of the international community.

“I’ve traveled to Laos, Vietnam, Columbia, Afghanistan and many other countries to share and understand the stories of people affected by war. They, like me, wake up and realize their lives have changed. completely changed. So do we have a choice, continue to let them be the victims, or do the survivors have a better chance?”, Giles Duley said.

Conference on Mine Remediation Week in the US - Photo 2.

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Head of the Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the United Nations, brought to the conference a film about the painful images that landmines and mines from the war have left on the Vietnamese people. But, according to the Ambassador, with the support of international partners and friends, Vietnam has made great efforts and achieved many important steps, with a clear view.

“Vietnam’s position is that demining must go hand in hand with supporting victims. Awareness raising and education about the dangers of mines must be done at all levels, more importantly creating sustainable livelihoods, then the fruits of peace will be sustainable and meaningful”.

In 2005, the United Nations designated April 4 every year as the International Day of Mine Awareness and Support for Mine Action. Vietnam has always been at the forefront of these activities. In April 2021, when he assumed the role of President of the Security Council, this topic was also included in the main discussion session of the month by Vietnam, which was responded and highly appreciated by the international community.

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