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Early summer, beautiful girls wear the same dress, Han Hang is still good, Linh Ka is beautiful

In the late ’90s, the tube top was once associated with Britney Spears on HIT Baby One More Time. At this time, the style of “Pop Princess” is strong and personal, but it is still not suitable for today’s parents. Time flies, and in the last years of 2020, this t-shirt is being promoted again in various interesting ways.

Moreover, it is related to the pink shade that was once a social networking phenomenon with the market. Soon, the shirt was given the opportunity to “catch the trend” by girls with attractive bodies, updating trends quickly. Weather in late spring and early summer, social networks have seen many names burn with this minimalist shirt.

Early summer, beautiful girls wearing the same shirt amp;#34;thiphiamp;#34;, Han Hang is still good, Linh Ka is beautiful - 1

Han Hang, after being absent from social networks for some time due to the shocking scandal, also returned to interact. She is the one who blew the trend from 3 years ago and is still as fiery and cheerful as ever.

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Years ago, he “created a storm” online in style took to the streets with just a few items on his body. Han Hang always carefully chooses a suitable breastplate and pulls her shirt up high to reveal enough sexy skin without hurting her eyes.

Not to mention the cool snaps in the stretchy bikini, the hotgirl street style is usually pretty simple. Huyme’s boyfriend often likes to combine high-waisted pants with tube tops, sneakers, armpit bags are indispensable accessories.

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With the same healthy look as Han Hang, Linh Ka is also a breath of fresh air and health in trendy heeled jeans. She also accentuated her on-the-road outfit with a tote bag from Christian Dior.

Early summer, beautiful girls wearing the same shirt amp;#34;thiphiamp;#34;, Han Hang is still good, Linh Ka is beautiful - 3

However, Linh Ka’s outfit mix was less than perfect. He’s lost too much weight, making his body super skinny, plus choosing a wide sleeved shirt that doesn’t hug his figure, makes his appearance a bit messy.

The weather in the North is still welcoming Ban’s last winter, so social networks aren’t too busy with this item yet. Association of beautiful Southern girls wearing tube tops can not be said without the market girl – Thuy Vi.

Hotgirl Ca Mau is now less noisy on social networks with “stoned” stories. On the contrary, she works hard to smack her beauty and captivate the audience with her sexy yet very cute dress style.

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Who can take their eyes off of it in this minimalistic yet eye-catching tube top design. The beauty wore it on a campus livestream, so she didn’t mix and match too many accessories, instead choosing only a pair of earrings and a necklace out of thin threads.

Not inferior to teenage girls, the “brothers” who are famous for gout in the showbiz world also take turns with this irresistible item.

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Emily Recently had the opportunity to “burn the eyes” of fans with a super sexy bottom-up angle. Big Daddy’s wife, despite being a mother of 2 children, still maintains a very sexy body. Therefore, she did not hesitate to wear a super short tube top that showed her breasts.

Early summer, beautiful girls wearing the same shirt amp;  #34;  thi phiamp;  #34;, Han Hang is still good, Linh Ka is beautiful - 4

Despite wearing a super short shirt, the female singer balances her sexiness really well when opting for a slightly sporty design, opting for mix & match lacy sneakers.

Talking about tube tops, we can’t forget Huyen Baby. However, the queen in the hundred billion castle had raised style to a high level when wearing clothes from a famous fashion house.

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Being a proud bride and working hard to beautify, Huyen Baby is getting hotter and always a name in the Top of the stars who spend the most money on clothes in Vbiz. Beautiful people often mix the whole set or pair it with high heels to create personality.

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Contributing to the list of people who like to flaunt their figure includes Ha Tang’s brother-in-law – Tien Nguyen. She often mixes whole sets from fashion houses and each set enhances her healthy honey skin. It wasn’t hard to see that the two sets she was wearing were similar to Huyen Baby.

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