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For the first time, the planet ‘in the womb’, 2,800 times larger than Earth

According to The Guardian, House’s science describes it as an “in-utero” planet, but is already 9 times the mass of Jupiter, or 2,862 Earths.

A team led by astrophysicist Thayne Currie of the operating group of the Subaru Telescope (located in Hawaii) and the Nasa-Ames Research Center combined Subaru and the Hubble Space Telescope to observe and capture get a rare picture of AB Aurigae b.

For the first time, the planet

Protoplanetary disk around AB Aurigae, where the newborn planet is lurking. (Photo: European Southern Observatory/Reuters)

Planet AB Aurigae b is actually still something like a protoplanet, not a complete world. It is an obscure clump of matter engulfed in an expanding disk of gas and dust, bearing planet-forming matter, orbiting its parent star AB Aurigae.

AB Aurigae is located 508 light-years from Earth, 2.4 times as massive as the Sun and 60 times brighter. It is only 2 million years old, much younger than the Sun.

The birth of AB Aurigae b also differs from the common belief that the planet was born through the slow accumulation of solids into the rocky core, after which the solid core was large enough to start accumulating gas – in most cases. gas planet formation.

Instead, AB Aurigae b formed when the disk around the star cooled, gravity causing it to fragment into many large clumps of matter that then formed planets. It is reaching the maximum size that can be classified as a planet instead of a brown dwarf – the object “midway” between stellar and planetary states.

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