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Having received a “huge” donation from fans, Teacher Ba revealed his intention to make viewers’ hearts warm

Once a well-known former League of Legends gamer, the name Baroibeo gradually gained more attention from the gaming community when he switched to being a streamer and changed to another name, Teacher Three. Through many difficulties, he established and developed SBTC Esports – one of the largest Esports organizations today.

Having received a

Teacher Ba is one of the most popular streamers in Vietnam

Teacher Ba is loved by fans for his superior comedy ability, not only that, but this guy also gives viewers “go to the ground” lesson plans, such as: Susan 0175, Poppy spellbook, god card 0156… Therefore, fans often show their love by donating huge amounts of money to this male streamer.

Having received a

Susan 0175 is the legendary “lesson” associated with the name of Master Ba

In a recent livestream, Teacher Ba was surprised when a fan with the nickname “fried noodles” donated a huge amount of up to 25 million. This made Abe stunned and fell into a state of “severe shock” right on the stream. However, after calming down, the male streamer thanked this hard fan and took an admirable action when he actively contributed 20 million more to the donation amount just now to buy rice to support the poor.

Having received a

The huge amount of donation made the teacher stunned on the stream

Right after that, the giant “Fried Noodles” continued to donate the amount of 20 million to support the charity activities of Master Ba. This incident makes fans proud when both streamer and fan are so “quality”.

This is not the first time that the male streamer has done charity activities when before that, Mr. Ba also gave gifts to children and most recently called for charity to support the Central region.

Having received a

This giant then continued to support Teacher Ba’s upcoming charity activities.

That’s why I say, it’s not like it’s toxic and hot on the stream, it’s not like that in real life. Perhaps after this, Teacher 3 will receive a lot more “fan applications”.

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