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Humiliated past and fairy marriage

In the 1990s, Lau was one of the leading actors of the Hong Kong screen. Up to now, although she has rarely acted in movies, the female star is always a sought-after face when appearing at entertainment events.

Every star director dreams

Liu Jialing was born in 1965 in Suzhou, China. At the age of 15, she emigrated with her family to Hong Kong. Before becoming famous, because she could not speak Cantonese, she was teased many times by her friends, even being rejected when she enrolled in TVB’s actor training course. Realizing that her limited voice would hinder her career, she worked hard to improve this and successfully joined TVB.

Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 1
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and a fairy-tale marriage - 2

Young beauty makes many people fall in love with Luu Gia Linh.

At first, Luu Gia Linh almost only played gentle roles, lacking outstanding colors, so the audience was not remembered. Only when playing the role of Chu Quan in the movie Meaning of Intolerance (1989), Luu Gia Linh really shines. In 1991, the success of the film A Phi main story put her name on the ranks of Hong Kong’s A-list stars. At this stage, Lau was so “expensive” that directors wanted her to participate in their films.

In her acting career, Luu Gia Linh has won many prestigious awards. In 1998, the movie Self-save brought to the star the “Best Actress” award of the Kim Tu Kinh Film Festival (Hong Kong). In 2011, she won the “Best Actress” award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for her role as Vo Tac Thien in the film. Di Nhan Kiet: The mystery of the ghost flame.

Every time you fall in love with a giant, you will fail

Beautiful, talented, Luu Gia Linh is the desire of many men. At the time of her popularity, she had a romantic relationship with “billion dollar young man” Hua Tan Hanh (now husband miss Ly Gia Han). This love story was strongly opposed by the Hua family because they thought that Luu Gia Linh had an unworthy background.

Despite the family’s objections, Hua Tan Hanh moved out of the house to live with Luu Gia Linh and held an engagement ceremony with her. However, when asked by the media, Hua Tan Hanh said that he had not determined a specific time to get married to Luu Gia Linh. In the end, their love could not overcome the family’s objections. The two ended their relationship in public regret.

After breaking up with Hua Tan Hanh, Luu Gia Linh had a love story with billionaire La Trieu Huy who was married at that time, then “Taiwan’s No. 1 billionaire” Quach Dai Minh, but none of them had a good ending. .

Many times failed in love, finally Lau Gia Linh stopped by Luong Trieu Vy. They used to act together in the movie The Replica (1984) but not until we join the play Happy Lemon Husband slowly falling in love. At this time, Luong Trieu Vy has had a girlfriend of 6 years, Tang Hoa Thien, who is also a close sister of Luu Gia Linh. Because of constant emotional problems, Tang Hoa Thien asked Luu Gia Linh to advise her boyfriend, not expecting it to be the wrong decision. When Luong Trieu Vy and Luu Gia Linh fell in love, the sisterhood between her and Tang Hoa Thien also ended.

Lau Gia Linh: The humiliating past and a fairy-tale marriage - 3

Lau Gia Linh and Tony Leung Trieu Vy have known each other for a long time before falling in love.

Dark days

During her time in love with Tony Leung Trieu Vy, a big incident happened to Lau Gia Linh when she was kidnapped and humiliated by the gangsters in 1990. When the pain gradually subsided, 12 years later, nude pictures and Gia Linh’s sensitive tape at that time was released. Those were the darkest days of the female star’s life. For a long time, she broke down and hid in the house.

In both of those turbulent periods, Luong Trieu Vy wholeheartedly helped his girlfriend overcome. After the kidnapping and humiliation, he canceled a series of movie contracts to be with his lover. ‘She’s important to me. If I don’t do this movie, I can do another. I just think she needs me’I said.

“If not happy, we will quit acting together, find a place no one knows to live”the actor surnamed Luong told Luu Gia Linh back then.

When a hot photo scandal and hot clip happened, Luong Trieu Vy was always standing by Luu Gia Linh, always supporting and showing respect to her. Gia Linh once shared: “I am lucky to have met this man. Over the years, we have always accompanied and grown together. He took me through the storms”; “In this world, it’s hard to find someone who understands me so well. That’s what makes me more satisfied than anything, from material things to artistic awards.”

A passionate marriage even without children

In 2008, Leung Trieu Vy and Lau Gia Linh decided to get married after 19 years of love. Trieu Vy said Gia Linh is his most perfect piece: “I am a person of few words, Lau Gia Linh is the opposite. Our personalities complement each other.” After 14 years of living in the same house, the couple is increasingly admired by the public because of their extremely happy and stable married life even though they have no children in common.

Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 4
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 5
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 6

Sharing the reason for not having children, Luong Trieu Vy confided that he did not want to bear the pain of seeing his loved one in trouble again. Perhaps the storms that surrounded Luu Gia Linh in the past have become Luong Trieu Vy’s lifelong obsession. I said: “Gia Linh has a problem, I’m extremely worried, what if my children have problems? I can not handle this anymore”.

Experiencing many ups and downs, Luong Trieu Vy and Lau Gia Linh are still the golden couple of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. After many years in the profession, they have a respectable common fortune. Chinese-language media estimated that the couple has 8 real estates and a total asset value of 800 million Hong Kong dollars (about 2,400 billion dong).

Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 7
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 8

Luu Gia Linh paired with Luong Trieu Vy at the 56th birthday party at the end of December 2021.

Perhaps a rich and happy life is also a factor that makes Luu Gia Linh still retain her youthful and fresh look even at the age of U60. The efforts of the female star over the years after being kidnapped and humiliated made her more and more popular with the audience. Many people assert that they did not like Lau Gia Linh before, but now they increasingly admire her.

Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 9
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 10
Luu Gia Linh: The humiliating past and the fairy marriage - 11

Luu Gia Linh is still very young at the age of 57.

In recent years, Carina Lau acted less often. The last movie she acted in was Semi-Destiny (2020)but the image of the female star in the film was severely criticized because at that time she was over 50 years old but transformed into a 25-year-old girl.

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