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Is it true that Huong Giang rated Ngoc Thanh Tam as “nothing but rich”?

After teasing the teaser poster, official poster and individual reality show teaser on the topic of “rich kid” titled Not Just A Rich Kidthe evening of 4/4, Ngoc Thanh Tam continue to introduce the official trailer of the project.

Wrapped up in more than 1 minute, the trailer has revealed interesting things that will appear in the show Not Just A Rich Kid.

Trailer of reality show Not Just A Rich Kid – Ngoc Thanh Tam

True to the title, the trailer gives the audience a look at Ngoc Thanh Tam who not only stops at the two words “rich kid”, but also has aspects that have never been revealed in life. It was the experience of learning to fly a plane with rich kid Gia Ky – a fan boy from spending hundreds of millions just to sit next to Ngoc Trinh, a party with friends full of artists, making fish by hand in the family factory or sharing Ngoc Thanh Tam’s brief sharing about the “rich kid” point of view made many people pay attention such as:I see everyone saying that being born at the finish line is not true, everyone was born in a hospital.”

Is it true that Huong Giang rated Ngoc Thanh Tam as

Ngoc Thanh Tam with a lavish party.

In particular, she also revealed that she had been bullied at school, suffered harsh words from classmates such as: “You guys cursed at me, continuously for a few days, started talking about why he didn’t have a father, his mother was too kind, so he couldn’t teach him.” Even Ngoc Thanh Tam’s mother – Bich Hang also revealed what her daughter suffered in the past, just because she was a rich child. This promises to be controversial content after the show airs.

Is it true that Huong Giang rated Ngoc Thanh Tam as

Gia Ky and Ngoc Thanh Tam experience flying an airplane.

Also in the trailer, a series of famous artists are introduced to appear in Not Just A Rich Kidthat is: Miss Huong GiangBB Tran, ST Son Thach, Khai Dang, Truong Quynh Anh, Quoc Thien… In addition, the luxury apartment space where Ngoc Thanh Tam is living in Ho Chi Minh City, business opportunities and lavish scenes in turn. appearing in the teaser also highlights the spirit of an individual reality show on the topic of “rich kid”.

Ngoc Thanh Tam confided: “A lot of people say I can’t get anything but rich“, hearing this, BB Tran immediately said: “It’s not that the audience is empty, but everyone in the profession also thinks so!“.

Huong Giang, Truong Quynh Anh, Quoc Thien… appear in “Not Just A Rich Kid”.

As introduced earlier, reality show Not Just A Rich Kid will bring the audience completely new perspectives on the life of a “Rich Kid” Ngoc Thanh Tam that the audience has known many aspects in the past time, besides the film career.

It can be said that it is still a strange thing for Vietnamese artists to perform a reality show about their own life in a grandiose and thoughtful manner like international stars, and this time Ngoc Thanh Tam will pioneer. opens a new topic in Vietnamese showbiz.

Is it true that Huong Giang rated Ngoc Thanh Tam as

Personal reality show Not Just A Rich Kid will be released on the upcoming 7/4, on Ngoc Thanh Tam’s Youtube channel.

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