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Latest information on the progress of domestic COVID-19 vaccine production-Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 08:04 AM (GMT+7)

Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen informed about the progress of domestic production of COVID-19 vaccines and the progress of purchasing vaccines for children.

At the Government’s regular monthly press conference on the afternoon of April 4, Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen informed a large number of press agencies about the situation of vaccine research and production in the country; Vaccination status for children aged 5-11 years and sources of vaccines for children.

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Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen. (Photo: BYT)

Regarding domestic research and production of COVID-19 vaccines, Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health has directed units and recommended agencies to doing scientific research in the country to research and produce vaccines.

Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen informed: “So far, there are 3 candidates including: NanoCovax, Covivac and ARCT154”.

For Nanocovax (researched by Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company) has reached the clinical trial stage, mid-term of phase 3. This vaccine has been approved by the Ethics and Advisory Council of the company. Licensed by the Ministry of Health.

“Through reviewing the records, there are still some data that the Licensing Council recommends Nanogen to supplement. Currently, Nanogen company is synthesizing to supplement the data for the Licensing Advisory Council. After adding If fully supplemented with documents according to the research proposal, the council will continue to meet and, if qualified, will submit it to the Ministry of Health for permission,” said Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen.

For the Covivac vaccine researched by the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals, the mid-term results of the phase 1 clinical trial have been evaluated, are being evaluated at phase 2, and the profile and protocol have been completed. in preparation for a phase 3 clinical trial.

For the ARCT154 vaccine that has undergone midterm evaluation of phase 1, phase 2, is in progress in phase 3b and is undergoing midterm evaluation, clinical trial in 1,000 volunteers.

Regarding the purchase of vaccines for children aged 5-11, Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen informed that in the past time, under the drastic direction of the Government and Prime Minister, we have had a diplomatic mechanism. Good vaccines. Up to now, for people aged 18 and over, about 47% have been injected with injections of 1st and 2nd and 3rd doses. For children 18 years of age and older, the 1st and 2nd doses have basically been given. The vaccine coverage for those aged 12 years and over has basically met the requirements.

At the beginning of December 2021, the Ministry has researched and reviewed on the basis of the request of 63 provinces and cities to report to the Government and the Prime Minister to issue a Resolution on vaccination for children aged 5 to 5 years. 11 years old according to Article 26 of the Bidding Law.

Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen said that the ministry had proposed to buy 21.9 million doses. However, during the discussion before going to the signing of vaccine purchase with Pfizer, a number of organizations and countries such as the Australian Embassy, ​​the Dutch Embassy, ​​etc. will support Vietnam with the vaccine. Please vaccinate children.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health is currently making adjustments to the number of vaccines purchased before submitting them to the Government and the Prime Minister. the amount of vaccine to give timely injection to children in accordance with regulations.

“Yesterday, the Ministry of Health worked with the Australian Embassy and it is expected that (if we complete the procedures) we can bring the Moderna vaccine batch to Vietnam on May 10,” Tuyen said.

According to Mr. Tuyen, vaccinating children (5-11 years old) certainly has difficulties. Therefore, the Ministry of Health wishes to obtain consent for parents to take their children for vaccination with the highest rate.

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