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Look up the scores of the National University Ho Chi Minh City aptitude test 2022 HERE

04/05/2022 15:59 GMT+7

Regarding the test scores of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City 2022, there are 117 candidates with over 1,000 points. The candidate with the highest test score is 1,087 points and the lowest is 210 points.

Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh, Director of the Center for Testing and Evaluation of Training Quality – VNU-HCM, said that in the first phase of the Competency Assessment exam, there were about 85,000 candidates registered to take the exam, but 82,400 candidates completed it. procedures and the percentage of candidates attending the exam was quite high, reaching 96.4%. According to Mr. Chinh, the exam took place safely and seriously, with no candidates violating the exam regulations and especially ensuring safety for epidemic prevention and control.

It is expected that around 4 p.m., candidates will begin to know their test scores. The test score scale is 1,200. The published test scores are the actual scores of the candidates, that is, no priority or region scores are added.

Candidates can view exam results HERE. Candidates will know their scores through their personal account and password when accessing the exam website.

Results of the exam to assess the capacity of VNU-HCM City.  HCM: Quickest view HERE - Photo 1.

Capacity assessment score 2022 see here.

There are 117 candidates over 1,000 points. The candidate with the highest test score is 1,087 points and the lowest is 210 points. It is expected that from April 19, the certificate of competency assessment results will be sent to candidates by post (send by registered mail) to the contact address previously registered by the candidate.

Candidates will be able to register additional requests for admission and rearrange the order of admission requests after the results of the first round are announced. These are the aspirations that you have registered at the same time in the previous registration for the first round. Candidates are allowed to apply for admission with an unlimited number of requests. The aspirations are ranked in order of priority from highest to lowest (the first is the highest). This will start from April 6, when the exam portal is opened for candidates to register for the second round or at the same time to adjust their registered aspirations.

In the second phase, the registration period will be from April 6 to April 25 and the exam is expected to be held on May 22, about a month before the high school graduation exam. Candidates can participate in both exams, the exam with the highest score will be used for university-college admission. Those who have registered but have not taken the first test can take the second test without paying fees or proving the reason for their absence.

Exam results will be used for candidates to apply for admission to universities and colleges that use this method to enroll. It is known that up to now, 84 universities and colleges have used the results of the competency assessment to consider entrance exams in 2022.

Error in competency assessment test: VNU gives maximum score to all candidates

On March 31, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City concluded that there were errors in the competency assessment test. According to Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, in the 1st phase of the assessment exam organized by VNU-HCM on March 27, 2022, the test questions have some errors as follows: Sentence 43 of exam code 324 has two identical options, C and D. ; The pie chart in the data analysis section of all test codes does not provide enough information for candidates to answer 3 related questions. These are errors that occur during the construction and copying of the exam questions.

On the afternoon of March 30, 2022, the National University-HCMC Examination Council met and agreed on the scoring plan for the above error questions as follows: all candidates are given the maximum score for these questions in all categories. all test codes.

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