Lu Bu shows extraordinary archery skills

In La Quan Trung’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bo is a brave and incomparable man wielding the Phuong Thien Hoa kich in his hand, riding a Red Horse, and roaming the midst of the three armies as if there were no people, making the enemy only hear his name. but terrified.

However, many historians consider La Bo to be just a “brave and unscrupulous” class, greedy for profit, giving up meaning and being greedy. Just because of a horse, Chich Tho, La Bo betrayed Dinh Nguyen and followed Dong Trac. Just because of a girl Dieu Thuyen, Lu Bu continued to kill Dong Zhuo and followed him back to Vuong Doan. Until he was lost, lost, and was supported by Liu Bei, Lu Bo continued to turn his back, taking advantage of Liu Bei’s loophole to capture Tu Chau citadel.

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During the years of traveling in battle, La Bo used to serve under many people such as Dinh Nguyen, Dong Trac, Vien Thuat, Vien Thieu, etc.

But there is an opinion that Lu Bu is more or less a man of principles. This is reflected in the fact that in the past, when sneaking from Tu Chau, Lu Bu even caught Liu Bei’s wife and children, but did not mean to make it difficult. Later, that martial general helped Luu Bei to stop the attack plot from Vien Thuat.

According to historical records, in June 1966, Lu Bu’s general, Hac Manh, listened to Yuan Shu’s instigation, and turned against him, bringing troops to charge into Xia Bi’s residence. In the middle of the night, La Bu did not have time to distinguish between factions, just pulled his wife and ran from the toilet to the camp of General Cao Thuan. Cao Thuan heard that the voice of the rebel army was the voice of the people of Hanoi district, guessed that Hac Manh, then ordered his troops to fight back, and the Hac Manh army had to retreat.

In the morning, Hac Manh’s subordinate Cao Tinh betrayed Manh, both sides fought and were injured. La Bo ordered Cao Thuan to bring his troops out, kill Manh, and then let Cao Tinh lead Manh’s army.

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Lu Bu was one of the number one brave generals of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

Unable to kill Lu Bu, Yuan Shu turned back to be friends and asked to marry Lu Bu. When defeating Hac Manh, Lu Bu found out that Hac Manh listened to Yuan Shu’s instigation, but because the current situation could not turn against each other, he accepted.

Vien Thuat saw Lu Bu leaning towards him, so he sent Ky Linh (translated as Ky Linh) to bring 30,000 troops to attack Tieu Bai to destroy Liu Bei. At this time, Lu Bu only brought 1,000 foot soldiers and 200 horsemen to talk to make peace with the two sides.

According to the 2010 movie Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu had a very special way of negotiating, he asked the generals of Ky Linh and Luu Bei how much weight and how far could he pull the bow.

Then Lu Bu ordered his soldiers to plant halberd 120 steps away (a legend is preserved in folklore 150 steps) far beyond everyone’s imagination, promising in advance that if he could shoot an arrow and hit the barb, then Ky Linh would and Liu Bei had to make peace. Then, he stepped back, raised his bow and shot sharply, hitting the barb as mentioned. Liu Bei thanked La Bo for saving the danger, and Ji Linh saw that Lu Bu was too brave, so he also withdrew his troops, not daring to disobey.

Video: Lu Bu shoots Vien Mon.

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