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Mainly ‘storks’ sell to ‘storks’

The land is feverish every hour: Mainly 'storks' sell to 'storks' - 1

Many land “fever” is created under the hands of “storks”. (Illustration)

Remember at the beginning of March 2021, after receiving information about the proposed planning of a 500ha Tecnic dual-use airport (Hon Quan district, Binh Phuoc) or Lai Khe airport (Bau Bang district, Binh Duong), the land price was around This area is blown by “triggers” to increase dizzy. However, the price was only “virtual fever” for a short time and then plummeted, causing many investors to spend billions to “hug” the land and cry.

At the 4th Waterfall area (Tan Loi commune, Hon Quan district), it used to be the busiest transaction point, every day there were hundreds of cars coming, busy buyers and sellers. But after only a short time, only a few empty shops remained.

A person living in this area once shared, having a 150m2 land plot before costing 1.5 billion, but now selling for 1 billion, no one asked.

Similarly, in Lai Hung commune, Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province, where land prices increased rapidly at the end of March 2021, but now also frozen and quiet.

The tricks of the “stork”

To create a scenario of “land fever”, “storks” hire hundreds of cars to stop along cafes along major roads to discuss the construction of Lai Khe airport, the modern residential area of ​​Lai Hung and the scale of the city. about to be built. Then divide the land transaction with the money of the “land stork”, the former has just finished buying, someone later “scoured” to buy it back with a price difference of hundreds of millions of dong.

With that “magic” display, just a few days later, the same plot of land had increased in price 4 times, making many people dizzy. “At that time, a land plot of about 100m2 with a residential area of ​​60m2 was pushed up to 2.5 billion VND.

The “earth stork” made a tuong and left, while some people who fell into a trap now sold the same plot of land for 1.5 billion dong and no one bought it.

As revealed by Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy (Ha Dong, Hanoi), an investor real estate In Hanoi, in fact, when going to see the land at the projects, most of the brokers are plugged in as guests, while the actual guests are only 5-10%.

They dress elegantly, go by car to see, but actually coordinate with the main stork who is “herding” the guests to perform. Lot with many people interested will make customers think that it is a beautiful plot of land because it is seen by many investors.

Even to blow the price of the land lot, the fake “stork” is also willing to put down real money to deposit the plot of land in front of the customer. And then, if customers want to buy, they have to spend a large amount of money to buy back or quickly close another lot at the project.

In many places, according to Mr. Huy, the land “stork” consists of a group of people pooling money together, then collecting cheap land, then announcing the planning or making a new investment trend market, then buying and selling themselves. together.

There is a land lot after 5-7 times of buying and selling, the price increases rapidly by day. Many immature investors, seeing that the plot of land was passed through the hands of many profitable owners, also “hugged” in but could not get out after that.

Most of the recent land crazes have had the participation of land “storks”, who inflate prices themselves, buy and sell together, push prices up and then lure customers to make a profit.Mr. Huy revealed.

When the real investor has been able to “seduce” real investors to put money down and make sure the profit in hand (at least 30-35%), the “stork” will quietly withdraw from the market. The investors who hugged the land at this time selling it cheaply, but no one bought it.

Commenting on this situation, Mr. Le Hoang Chau – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) said that about the past 4 years, the real estate market has repeated many waves of land fever, causing many problems. negative results.

According to Mr. Chau, the main culprits of the waves of land fever, house price fever, and land price fever are traders, “land” storks, and dishonest businesses that perform tricks to spread rumors, make prices – inflate prices. , taking advantage of the psychology of the crowd – mercenary, setting up “birds of prey” for fake trading transactions and taking advantage of the opportunity to “scramble the water”, take advantage of illicit profits and in some cases have a connection, continue hands, “backs” of grassroots officials.

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