NFT image of President Tan Hoang Minh is sold at a higher price than Trinh Van Quyet’s NFT

According to the OpenSea trading platform, the NFT image of Mr. Do Anh Dung, Chairman of the Board of Directors Tan Hoang Minh is for sale with prices ranging from 5-13 Ethereum. Based on Coinmarketcap data on April 4, the price of Ethereum is trading at $3,520 and is still maintaining a slight increase. Thus, on average, each NFT of Mr. Do Anh Dung will fall between 17,600 – 45,760 USD.

Photo of NFT President Tan Hoang Minh is sold at a higher price than Trinh Van Quyet's NFT - Photo 1.

Mr. Do Anh Dung’s photo is publicly sold for 10 Ethereum, equivalent to $35,200 (Screenshot)

Notably, the NFT photo of Mr. Do Anh Dung taken with his daughter Nguyen Anh Sa was publicly sold for 13 Ethereum, equivalent to about 45,760 USD. This is also the NFT picture that sold for the highest price among the NFTs related to Mr. Do Anh Dung.

Previously, on the OpenSea trading platform, the owner named AFENFT created the image of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet. The image was sold publicly for 5 Ethereum, which is equivalent to 17,000 USD. In addition, the creator of this NFT did not mention anything more in the description. In addition, a series of other NFTs related to Mr. Quyet also appeared on the OpenSea platform, but most of them do not have price information.

It is known that NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the only digital items with certificates of authenticity and ownership registered on the blockchain. NFTs are not counterfeit, “unique” and are not interchangeable.

To create an NFT, the creator must first choose a blockchain platform to “encrypt” his digital assets. Currently, Ethereum is one of the most popular choices for NFT encryption. But generating NFTs is not free, specifically, creators have to pay certain fees to register NFT information on the blockchain platform (known as minting).

According to CoinDesk, OpenSea is a popular and easy-to-use platform for NFTs. On the Ethereum blockchain, users have to pay high gas fees. With OpenSea, creators can mint NFT work and post it for sale directly on the platform. OpenSea will charge the buyer when the transaction is completed.

The NFT movement is growing rapidly and is seen as a digital asset by many people. According to research from Binance, NFT is seen as a door to help the virtual universe (metaverse), a world where users interact with each other in three-dimensional space, can come into real life and be widely used.

In addition to creating NFT work, investors also make money by buying and selling NFTs. A report by Cointelegraph revealed that sales of NFTs on Ethereum – the blockchain that powers smart contracts – surpassed $9 billion in 2021, up 2,500% from 2020. chn

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