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Raw material prices soar, textile enterprises find a way to solve the problem

However, the difficulty revealed the wisdom, businesses have step by step removed the difficulty of supply and input costs with internal solutions, ensuring a balance between labor productivity and business revenue.

Preparing to release new models for the spring-summer season with 30-40 product samples, but all fabrics imported from China via land have to be halted, causing businesses to have to find 2 other domestic fabric suppliers with different quality. equivalent and accept the price of raw materials to increase due to signing the contract close to the date.

Raw material prices soar, textile enterprises find a way to overcome difficulties - Photo 1.

Sewing goods for export to the US market at a company in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

“The price of raw materials and accessories increases by 10-20%, logistics costs increase by 10-25%, even 100%. Each business will have its own characteristics, its business only tries to increase the maximum price by 5%. Source Supplying materials to domestic suppliers, storing more materials in warehouses,” said Mr. Hoang Ngoc Khanh, Founder and CEO of Liberty Wings.

Enterprise textile specializes in serving the domestic market is difficult, manufacturing enterprises for export are even more difficult when the price increase margin with foreign partners has approached the highest possible level, while input costs are still increasing. everyday. So “austerity” is how they deploy.

“We strictly manage the norms of raw materials and accessories to form products. In the past, we did it regularly, but this year we do it deeper, tighter, more drastic. Our total cost of a shirt product currently accounts for 15 – 20%. products,” shared General Director of Garment 10 Than Duc Viet Corporation.

“We recommend that the Government and relevant ministries as well as provinces and cities with border gates can provide solutions for customs clearance of goods quickly so that businesses can have goods on time and on schedule for production. At the same time, enterprises themselves also actively find raw material suppliers in the country and source from ASEAN countries,” said Mr. Do Xuan Hung, Finance Director, Tinh Loi Garment Co., Ltd.

Textile and garment exporters also said that currently, orders are closed by the end of the second quarter and in the face of the current situation of input prices, they must consider each order, not all, to ensure business efficiency.

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