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Resolutely keep her virginity for fear of being despised

I am 45 years old, my generation the issue of “virginity” is quite important. Read the article: “Sadness is called virginity”, I would like to share a little about my story.

Before, I was always obsessed, afraid that I would “give” and then be scolded again: “If you give it to me, you can also give it to others”, or when they are “tired of tea”, I will be left behind. contemptuous, worse than I can be a single mother. Therefore, I was determined to keep my virginity, fearing that my value would be reduced if I lost it.

My wife and I registered our marriage about three months before the wedding. Husband demanded to cross the barrier on the day of marriage registration. After giving away my virginity, I thought: “It’s nonsense if a girl’s value is reduced after that. The appearance, education, knowledge, behavior, background are still the same… so but the value is lowered if it is no longer pure”.

Author: “Sadness has a name of virginity” if you keep your sadness, the real person is your friend. Your wife used to think that you are a person with a new perspective, a tolerant view of women, she will be a little disappointed because her assessment of you turns out to be incorrect.


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