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“Revenge tourism” in Korea

In the last days of March, Kim Hoe-jun’s family is extremely excited about his trip to Hawaii – the trip tourism their first after more than 2 years of restrictions because of the pandemic.

“I love to travel and feel very stressed because I can’t go anywhere for 2 years, so we quickly booked a tour to Hawaii just last week. This is our 2nd time going to Hawaii, we really want to go to Hawaii. to discover places that have not been visited before,” said Kim Hoe-jun, a traveller.

Also sharing the same sentiment is Kim Na-yeon – a person who was already too familiar with flights when she was flight attendant.

Kim Na-yeon shared: “I haven’t traveled anywhere in the past two years, even domestically. Even if I fly on a business trip, I can’t leave the hotel. But now I can rest assured to buy a ticket to go. visiting friends abroad”.

Revenge tourism” in Korea - Photo 1.

Korean passengers at Incheon International Airport on March 25. Photo – Reuters

Millions of other Koreans are also flocking to find tickets to satisfy their lingering thirst for travel. According to an online travel agency, in just 1 hour of opening, they received nearly 3,000 requests to book tours to Spain and Italy, breaking sales records with a total value of more than 12 million USD. Other destinations such as tours to Hawaii are equally expensive.

Mr. Lee Jeong-Pil – CJ ENM Company said: “We have received more than 1,200 requests to book tours to Hawaii after opening for sale. Many customers also take advantage of this opportunity to use tours purchased in advance for 2 years. It’s clear that people’s desire to travel is very high.”

Airlines and tourism in Korea all believe that this trend will continue in the near future, when more tourist destinations around the globe open to international tourists.

The wave of “revenge tourism” will push people to strongly increase consumer spending both at home and abroad, contributing to creating momentum for the economy and social activities to recover as before.

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