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Russia adjusts war targets in Ukraine, warns of news about tens of thousands of soldiers

The Russian military may be planning to deploy tens of thousands of troops to eastern Ukraine as Moscow shifts its strategic focus to attacking areas in the south and east of the country.

That information was provided to reporters by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan during a press conference on Monday (April 4).

“At this point, we believe that Russia is adjusting its war goals to focus on eastern and southern Ukraine instead of attacking the entire territory,” Sullivan told reporters. reporter at the White House.

US: Russia adjusts war goals in Ukraine, warning about tens of thousands of soldiers - Photo 1.

Military map of Ukraine as of April 2. Source: Al Jazeera

According to the US National Security Advisor, Russia’s goal is likely to “encircle and overwhelm” Ukrainian military forces in the region.

“Russia can then use whatever tactical success it has to propagate victory and cover up previous military defeats.”

Mr. Sullivan also said that the administration of President Joe Biden will soon announce a new military assistance package for Ukraine in the coming days, and confirmed other sanctions against Russia’s energy sector “are being The United States is in discussions with its European allies.

White House National Security Adviser Sullivan believes that the next phase of hostilities will likely be prolonged and that Russian troops will be deployed in overwhelming numbers to Ukraine.

Moscow will also likely seek to control more territory in eastern Ukraine than the separatists previously controlled.

In the south, it is likely that Russia will seek to capture the city of Kherson in order to control the water supply to the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

In addition, Mr. Sullivan said that the Kremlin will also conduct more missile and air attacks across the rest of Ukraine.


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