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Shanghai is locked down, the landlord is free of rent

The epidemic in Shanghai is complicated, now the whole city has been completely blocked, people’s lives and work are also seriously affected. But during this raging epidemic, somewhere there are still warm stories filled with humanity.

A man named Zhang Ming from Jiangxi came to Shanghai to open a barber shop, because of the epidemic, the salon could not operate normally. Fortunately, after hearing about Truong Minh’s business situation, the owner did something that touched him deeply.

Shanghai is locked down, landlords are exempt from rent:

According to Qilu Evening News Reportedly, Truong Minh’s barbershop had to suspend operations because Shanghai was under a blockade order for the whole city. Heartbroken for his situation, Truong Minh posted a status line on social networks lamenting a few sentences. But only 1-2 days later, the owner called Truong Minh to ask about the situation.

“Actually, I just went online to lament a little about the recent quarantine days, and I didn’t intentionally show it to the landlord. However, he actively contacted me, said that he was also in isolation, and told me to be optimistic.”Truong Minh shared with reporters.

At the same time, Truong Minh added that the landlord did not call to urge the rent, but told him that he could temporarily not pay.

Truong Minh was extremely touched by the words of the owner. “I told the landlord that I could still pay the rent. Normally he is also very interested in us. I really want to pay normally.” I said.

So Truong Minh transferred 9,000 yuan (more than 32 million VND) for the space rent and thanked the landlord. “Rented for such a long time without ever increasing the price, I am very grateful for this. During this difficult period, he also cared for me and supported me a lot. That’s more than enough!” He shared about the very sweet host.

Shanghai is locked down, landlords are exempt from rent:

Unexpectedly, the owner transferred 9,000 yuan back to Truong Minh and left a message: “We are all people from outside the province who come to Shanghai to do business. Everyone is having a hard time, wait until the distance is over and the shop will return to normal, then continue.”

Truong Minh shared with reporters, the owner is from Anhui, also came to Shanghai to work: “He also said that after the distance is over, if I can move normally, he will help me buy more necessary supplies and equipment.”

It is known that this is not the first time the landlord has reduced or waived rent for Truong Minh. In early 2020, he had to go into isolation once, the landlord also contacted and informed him to reduce one month’s rent.

Truong Minh shared, after the barbershop resumes business, he will fully refund this rent, and at the same time send deep thanks to the landlord.

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