Stepping into the forest – for the first time, I was shaken in the middle of a thousand

From the modern back to the primitive, opening up strange emotions

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, humans evolved from ancient apes, gradually changing their lifestyles based on the forest canopy to come to the class of tall buildings in the present epoch. However, when the lifestyle is more modern, nature and people are further apart. Pristine beauty is only indirectly approached through old stories, images and songs.

If you love it, why not try once to experience stepping on the thick, wet leaves, instead of listening to complaints about muddy shoes? Just take a step into the forest, we will feel something different from the modern urban lifestyle. That pristine reality is much more beautiful than the lyrics.

Stepping into the forest - for the first time, I was shaken in the middle of a thousand - Photo 1.

The old forest opens beautifully with every step.

Because, only when walking directly towards the old forest, can we truly experience “a hearty meal” of multi-sensory beauty. Right from the first moment, the visual “appetizer” thanks to the vivid green color, like the pine forest of Ivan Shishkin dancing softly with the warm light through the trees. Then there is the “main course” with strange sounds and flavors, a unique natural fusion that is different from the noise and worries of daily IQ testing. We can enjoy the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, the murmur of the fountain, perfectly combined with the fresh taste that fills the bronchi. So much so, just want to get rid of the troublesome mask. And finally, it’s “dessert” with a rustic, cool, familiar feeling like jelly that lulls us back to the origin, giving us a feeling of familiarity like home.

Let’s turn vibes into action

Allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone around familiar comforts, engage in activities that are directly immersed in the richness of nature: field campaigns to conserve nature, travel, and just explore. simply participating in volunteer activities in remote areas to help improve the environment.

Stepping into the forest - for the first time, I was shaken in the middle of a thousand - Photo 2.

Menard Vietnam representatives together ran through the forest – turning to the great thousand.

On April 3, 2022, MENARD co-sponsored the Marathon Run through the jungle – Cuc Phuong Jungle Paths. Each individual with a love of nature in 13 countries and territories participated in the marathon terrain of tropical rainforests and limestone mountains. The trails for the race have been surveyed by the Organizing Committee for 2 years – a journey full of hardships and hardships has been sweetly ended with the success of the race.

With 4 races of 10km, Menard 25km, 42km and Menard 70km, of which Menard 25km is considered the most beautiful route, suitable for athletes who want to fully enjoy the unique beauty of vegetation in the National Park. The daisies.

In the Menard 25km race, the athletes started at 9am with the cold air of the mountains. The first stretch of the road is as beautiful as a symphony, the road is flat and the leaves fall a lot. On the next leg, athletes were greeted by the immense green color of the cassava garden in Sam village. The path just opened up, gently, not too dangerous, enough to arouse the will of runners, also enough to slowly enjoy the rich beauty of the forest.

From “touching” directly with the great thousand, each “child” of the old forest will become a messenger with a sense of responsibility, improving knowledge about environmental protection and nature protection. Hopefully with our efforts, it will partly change people’s prejudices about primitive. Together towards the source.


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