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The boom of Vietnamese Rock

Gala night Vietnamese Rock – Tiger Exploding Courage The first season, which aired on the evening of April 1, officially ended the program after nearly 3 months of broadcasting, choosing the very worthy Champion of Metanoia – the rock band of the White Eagles team of the coach duo. Pham Anh Khoa – Tran Tuan Hung.

After many years of rock music being almost forgotten in the Vietnamese music market, the main Vietnamese Rock – Tiger brought blood-fired music back to the music track. It can be said that this large-scale and elaborately invested rock show has quenched the “thirst” of rock followers, shortening the gap between rock and the mass audience as the original goal. organize the program set out from the beginning.

The explosion of Vietnamese Rock - Tiger season 1: Successfully quenching the thirst of rock followers - Photo 1.

Vietnamese Rock – Tiger brings rock closer to the masses

The veteran coaches – the “banyan trees” in the rock world many times make the audience “have eyes and ears” through each broadcast when they sing back to the popular rock songs once to give gifts. fan. Not to mention that the Gala night of the award ceremony also brought together “excellent” rock artists like Thu Phuong – the vocalist of the rock band Tay Ho or An Nam Band – a group that was once particularly noticed by netizens. when bringing history into rock music by composing songs bearing the heroic and tragic character of the nation.

Besides, Vietnamese Rock – Tiger also found many new “talent seeds” for the modern Vietnamese rock village. Most of the contestants participating in the show’s first season are of the GenZ generation, from different professions, but all gathered on the show because of their passion for rock music. Despite being very young, the colorful and unique musical expression of all “warriors” has partly proved the show’s human message. Through 12 broadcast episodes, the professional rock show has created an inspiring playground, spreading the spirit of bravery, enthusiasm and passion to young people.

The boom of Vietnamese Rock - Tiger season 1: Successfully quenching the thirst of rock followers - Photo 2.

The outstanding band Brainwave received the award of VND 100,000,000 from Sony Music Entertainment Vietnam

Typically, from the “rookies”, Whee!, Folded Paper, and Meow Lac… all have a spectacular “turn against the current”. Or like Aqua Band – the group with the largest number of members on the show with 7 “pieces” are all IT guys, even though they couldn’t make it to the Finals, they were still able to make the audience admire for their unyielding will to fight. Although they did not usurp the Champion of the program, they all proved their own strength and “makeover”, affirming their enthusiasm for rock. Meow Lac – the youngest band on the show, when there are members of all GenZ generation, many times made coach Tran Tuan Hung say: “We are 2k generation, but we can do these things, I admire you very much.” .

In particular, in episode 9, with the song “Explosion of bravery”, Bumblebee made the coaches and the audience admire when performing the song. Search for with a brave message: “Despite going through many difficulties, denigrating, deriding and sometimes having to temporarily put aside rock because of rice and money, the passion for rock is the tenacious passion”. This is also the voice of many rock artists in Vietnam. Similarly, Cheffin’ also brought the contest Can you hear it? with a message to young rock enthusiasts: “You must stand up boldly, although many people say rock is dead, but it is not dead”.

Stage Sweep 2 of Brainwave in the Challenge round was also enthusiastically supported by the audience. “In the chorus, there’s a sentence I want to dedicate to the show. That’s ‘As long as faith is on your shoulders, no one will be left behind in this game'”, Brainwave’s guitarist shared. Hear from the contestants Vietnamese Rock – Tigercoaches Siu Black and Phuong Thanh also threw shoes to the White Eagle duo to express their admiration for the opposing team for having such a great contestant.

The boom of Vietnamese Rock - Tiger season 1: Successfully quenching the thirst of rock followers - Photo 3.

Champion of Metanoia at the finale

Sony Music Entertainment Vietnam is the official companion of Vietnamese Rock at online music platforms, to bring rock music closer to rock-loving audiences in particular, as well as to the mass audience, by releasing and collaborating to promote the best quality recordings of bands. music in each round to online music platforms. In addition, the band Brainwave also excellently received a prize of VND 100,000,000 from Sony Music Entertainment Vietnam, on that basis, the band will receive special support to be able to launch a quality music project. after the program. Vietnamese Rock – Tiger The first season has “awakened” the fiery music that has been dormant for more than a decade. Rock has now “re-emerged”, once again reviving the passionate passion of young people! This is also the message that the program has conveyed throughout the 3-month period of broadcasting.

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