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The breathtaking scenery in Sapa-Travel

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

With wild and majestic natural scenery, Sapa is a famous tourist destination, attracting a lot of tourists from near and far.

After a long absence of customers tourism due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sapa (Lao Cai) is gradually recovering “form” because the number of visitors has gradually increased since the 2022 Lunar New Year. Sapa also expects a larger number of visitors to come on the two upcoming big holidays, the Hung Kings Anniversary and the Hung Kings Anniversary. April 30.

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 1

Fansipan Peak – “Roof of Indochina”. Photo: Pinterest

Sapa – home to the majestic Mount Fansipan is known as the “Roof of Indochina”. With the wild and majestic natural scenery, Sapa is always a famous tourist destination attracting a lot of tourists from near and far. Every year, around before and after the Lunar New Year, every day Sapa attracts thousands of visitors.

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 3

Sapa Square in the past weekend attracted a lot of tourists to visit and have fun. Amazing SAPA’s photo.

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 4

Visitors are very excited about the festivals held here. Amazing SAPA’s photo.

In order to meet the needs of tourists choosing Sapa as a destination, Ms. Hoang Thi Vuong, Head of Culture and Information Department of Sapa town, said that the town has directed tourism service businesses to ensure public safety. epidemic prevention. At the same time, the town also requires the units to ensure personnel; upgrade infrastructure, improve service quality to serve tourists, prevent tourists from coming to visit without a place to stay.

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 5

Clouds cover the area of ​​Mount Fasipan. Hoang DUONG’s photo

Mr. Tung (a tourist in Hanoi visiting Sapa) said: Sapa is one of his favorite tourist destinations in the North, almost every year he comes with friends or relatives. Sapa is always very crowded, so he often avoids going on weekends. This year, because the epidemic situation after Tet was very complicated, he waited until the end of March to go.

Similarly, Ms. Thao (from Hai Phong) shared: “I knew that there would be a lot of people on holidays, so I chose to go earlier. There are days in the middle of the week but there are still a lot of customers, especially at Fansipan cable car station, sometimes there is a phenomenon of jostling when queuing.”

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 6

Visitors sitting on the cable car to the top of Fansipan can see the majestic scenery of the mountains and the sea of ​​clouds right before their eyes. Photo: Pinterest

In previous years, many tourists reported that there was congestion and jostling when traveling to Sapa, especially the cable car access area to the top of Fansipan. However, this year many tourists said that Sapa now has an innovation in tourism model, namely, there are more tourist resorts, hotels, resorts; There are many other convenient services available. Although many tourists flock to this resort, there is little jostling or waiting for a long time to enter the cable car.

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 7

A corner of Sapa when viewed from the top of Ham Rong mountain. Photo: Pinterest

The breathtaking scenery in Sapa - 8

Sunset in the village. Photo: Pinterest

With beautiful natural scenery and many attractive sights, it is understandable that Sapa attracts a large number of tourists. Coming to Sapa, visitors can also enjoy the bustling atmosphere in the town, the peace and comfort in the villages of Ta Phin, Ta Van…

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