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The cooling gotu kola juice can also turn into a ‘poison’ if taken this way

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

Many people still often use gotu kola juice as a summer cooling drink without knowing that this water, if drunk in the wrong way, will cause incalculable harm to health.

Gotu kola is a popular vegetable in the summer because it can be processed into delicious and nutritious dishes in a variety of ways such as eating raw, cooking soup, boiling or making refreshing smoothies.

Cool cooling gotu kola juice can also turn into 'poison' if taken this way - 1

Great use of gotu kola

Gotu kola is a herb that Vietnamese people process into delicious and nutritious dishes. The processing method is also very diverse, you can eat vegetables raw, cook soup, boil or make refreshing smoothies.

For people who are overweight, obese, have atherosclerosis, if eating gotu kola will have the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood and thus making the blood vessels soft again, limiting the complications caused by fibrosis. Atherosclerosis causes such as coronary artery spasm or myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular spasm or cerebral blood vessel rupture…

Cool cooling gotu kola juice can also turn into 'poison' if taken this way - 2

Mistakes when drinking gotu kola juice

Although gotu kola has many health benefits, but if not used correctly or overused, it will bring extremely dangerous consequences.

Drinking gotu kola juice while taking medicine

When you are taking western medicine, you should not use gotu kola. The reason is because the ingredients of gotu kola contain substances that will interact with drugs that cause drowsiness and anticonvulsants… Besides, gotu kola also reduces the effect of insulin and diabetes drugs, drugs to treat Hyperlipidemia makes your condition worse.

Therefore, absolutely do not drink gotu kola juice when using these drugs to avoid causing harm to your health condition.

Go to the sun right after drinking gotu kola

After drinking gotu kola juice, you need to limit sun exposure. The reason is because gotu kola contains active ingredients that react very sensitively to sunlight. If you drink gotu kola juice and go out in the sun, you may pass out and fall into a coma.

Drink gotu kola juice instead of filtered water

Although there are many good health benefits, you absolutely should not drink gotu kola juice as much as drinking water. If you do, you will experience bloating and diarrhea. Not only that, drinking gotu kola juice regularly will cause you to have headaches, transient loss of consciousness, reduce the possibility of pregnancy and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Use when you have diabetes

To cool off in the summer, many people often drink gotu kola juice. However, this is a wrong thing to do because taking too much will increase cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which is dangerous to health, especially for people with diabetes.

Use for diarrhea

Gotu kola has a cold property, can cause cold stomach, mild diarrhea. Therefore, people with diarrhea or digestive problems should not drink gotu kola to avoid aggravating the disease.

Drink while pregnant

Drinking gotu kola juice while pregnant is taboo because it can be dangerous to the fetus, causing high miscarriage. For those who are intending to get pregnant and use gotu kola, eating gotu kola regularly will also reduce the ability to conceive. Therefore, if you are trying to have children, you should limit or not use gotu kola.

Cool cooling gotu kola juice can also turn into 'poison' if taken this way - 3

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