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The humiliating battles of Hong Kong stars

The story of Vien Gia Man and Chung Boi Sanh creates a series of debates about the love-money-exchange lifestyle between stars and giants in Hong Kong showbiz.

The truth behind the love affair

In the interview with On, Vien Gia Man said that he has a close relationship with billionaire father and son Chung Nhan Vy and Chung Boi Sanh. After a year of contact, she realized that the two were not good people. miss Hong Kong’s photo depicts the billionaire father and son as “slutty, selfish, problematic personality and often makes bizarre demands on her”.

Before the accusations of Vien Gia Man, Chung Boi Sanh denied that his family had improper behavior with the female artist. He said Vien Gia Man intentionally made up stories to smear the honor of the Chung family to ask for money after the breakup.

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