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The strong are not those who step on the shoulders of others

As an emotional intelligence expert and former Princeton University professor, Dharius Daniels says that mental, physical, and emotional progress is tied to who you become in life. this.

RQ is an essential indicator because your life is always affected by the people around you. This is seen as the ability to discern whether someone should be a part of your life or not, and what position to occupy. Having a high RQ will give you insight into whether you are putting too much or too little effort and time into a relationship.

3 relationships in life

The first step is that you need to clearly distinguish the following 3 relationships in your life.

1. Friends

Not IQ, EQ, this is really the intelligence only the most successful people have: The strong are not the ones who step on the shoulders of others - Photo 1.

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This is a relationship that should not be transactional. In other words here you should not have the thought that if the friendship does not contribute anything to your talents or abilities, then the relationship will not exist.

Because with the people we call friends, when you’re with them, you can live your true self, not trying to be a role model.

2. Colleagues

Not IQ, EQ, this is really the intelligence only the most successful people have: The strong are not those who step on the shoulders of others - Photo 2.

Colleagues are often confused with friends. But a person’s RQ is what makes the difference.

You identify someone as a co-worker because you don’t have enough time, interest or desire to develop to a friendship level. This is because a lack of connection or very little similar interests or personality conflicts makes you feel unsafe around them.

Another thing to keep in mind in this relationship is that even if you consider them good, anyone can harm or belittle you for the best chance at work.

3. Advisor

The rhymes are the people who play an important role in each person’s life at each moment. We may have work mentors or spiritual mentors who give us intellectual insight or future direction. These are the people who will help you avoid mistakes and go further, faster in the future.

Remember, just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean they are advisors

How to set up RQ to improve your life

Once the relationship categories are clearly defined, the next step is to discern who has an important place in your life, what group they are in, and if they really should be in that category. . Here are a few ways to get you started.

1. Where am I in life?

Think about where you are emotionally, mentally, and professionally… If you can’t define where you are, it will be difficult to determine where you want the relationship to go.

Identify the role of emotional, mental, professional… in your life. If you can’t define it, it will be difficult for you to decide where your current relationship is going.

2. What do I need?

There are times in your life when you need simple people to benefit you mentally and physically. This relationship allows you to completely disconnect from work to enjoy precious moments of leisure.

3. What do I get?

If you’re not getting what you need from a relationship, you may have misplaced this person in the categories above.

4. What do I need to do?

Are there relationships that need to be reset? Sometimes you need to build a new relationship or sever an old ‘toxic’ relationship.

The most successful people are those with high relational intelligence

The goal of being someone with a high RQ is not to ‘take advantage’ of others or manipulate people to achieve the pinnacle of fame. Simply having a high RQ is to be a good friend and make better friends.

Everything in life is inevitable the law of cause and effect, when you help others, you will surely also receive luck. The strong are not those who demonstrate their strength by cruel actions, trampling others. A strong person is a person who uses his or her strength and ability to help and love others. One of the greatest things we can do is create a healthy environment where we can take and give.

According to CNBC

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