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The UK announced 12 typical Covid-19 symptoms

Body aches, runny nose and diarrhea are among 12 Covid-19 symptoms announced by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on April 4.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country’s health authorities have only considered fever, cough and loss of taste is a manifestation of Covid-19. To date, the NHS has added symptoms including: difficulty breathing, exhaustion, runny nose, rash, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea, loss of smell.

The NHS notes these symptoms are very similar to common illnesses such as colds and flu. People with the above symptoms should “isolate at home, avoid contact with others”, carefully monitor anyone at high risk of contracting the virus.

Professor Tim Spector, chief scientist of the Zoe Covid tracking app, said this was the first time British authorities had changed medical guidance on Covid-19, after two years of being urged by experts to expand the list. symptom book.

Scientists say the move is too late. “The NHS has finally changed the list of Covid-19 symptoms after two years. Unfortunately, they put it in the wrong order (in terms of prevalence), but this is a first step, which can help reduce the rate of virus infection.” Mr. Spector said.

In March, Professor Spector criticized the government for not expanding the list. He said that the refusal of the authorities to recognize a wide range of symptoms, not to recommend testing and isolation, has caused the number of infections to increase to the current staggering.

Medical staff take samples for Covid-19 test, May 2021.  Photo: Reuters

Medical staff take samples for Covid-19 test, May 2021. Photo: Reuters

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists 13 symptoms of Covid-19, of which four are not on the NHS list: rash and discoloration of fingers and toes, eye irritation, inability to speech or movement, chest pain. The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 12 symptoms.

According to Professor Spector, adding additional markers to identify Covid-19 is a step in the right for the NHS, which can help reduce infection as the number of new cases in the UK increases rapidly.

“According to Zoe Covid research, Top 5 symptoms are runny nose (83%), fatigue (71%), sore throat (69%), headache (69%), and sneezing (68%).

The UK is experiencing a new Covid-19 outbreak. The Office for National Statistics estimated that in the most recent week, every day the UK recorded about 4.1 million people being treated for Covid-19 (at home or in hospital), which is one in 13 people. .

This is the highest number recorded in the UK, surpassing the previous peak of 3.7 million people during the Omicron wave in January.

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