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Tips to care for orchids

Beautiful, suitable for a tropical climate, and requires little care are three reasons why orchids are popular with Vietnamese homeowners.

Orchid (scientific name Spathiphyllum spp.) is native to Central America and Asia, characterized by long dark green leaves and yellow or white flowers. The orchid usually blooms in the spring, but with good care, it can bloom twice a year. Here are tips for growing orchids.

Orchid is a beautiful plant that is easy to live but needs to be kept away from strong sunlight.  Photo: The Spruce

Orchid is a beautiful plant that is easy to live but needs to be kept away from strong sunlight. Photo: The Spruce


When outdoors, the orchid likes the shade. When indoors, they need to be near a light source but not a direct light source (like a windowsill hit by the sun). Curly, pale leaves indicate that the plant is getting too much light, and scorched leaves indicate that the plant is receiving too much direct light. In either case, the orchid should be moved to a shady spot.


Orchid needs loose soil, rich in organic matter. Plants are sensitive to moist soil, so choose a well-draining soil mix and plant them in terracotta or clay pots to remove excess moisture.

Regarding the pH, the soil to grow orchids should be acidic.


Homeowners should water the orchid weekly, even twice a week in the summer months. In winter, reduce watering but don’t let the soil dry out completely. Plants droop when thirsty but will recover as soon as they are watered sufficiently.

If your tap water has a lot of chlorine, switch to watering your orchid with filtered water. Or you can leave the tap water outside for a few days to let the chlorine evaporate.

Temperature and humidity

Orchid likes room temperature (18 – 24 degrees Celsius). It also likes high humidity like the environment in the rainforest, so you need to mist the plant regularly in the summer.


In order for the plant to thrive and bloom in the right season, you should apply a slow-release fertilizer to your orchid every six months. There is no need to fertilize the plant in winter.

Place to put

Homeowners can spread their ideas in the living room, near the window, but avoid hot places. You can also put plants in the bathroom.


People, dogs and cats who eat orchids will be poisoned.

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