What does a vaccine passport look like?

Passport COVID-19 vaccine is a QR code, displayed on the PC-COVID app as well as the Notebook app health electronic device of the Ministry of Health, serving the control when going abroad.

The passport has full information of the user such as Full name; Date of birth; Nationality; The disease the certification targets; Number of injections received; Date of injection; Dose No.; Vaccines; Vaccine products; Vaccine supplier or manufacturer; Certificate number.

This information will be digitally signed, encrypted and packaged as a 2D QR code, displayed on the PC COVID software and the Electronic Health Book.

In addition, the e-passport also displays information about the disease that the certificate targets. The vaccine, vaccine type and supplier or manufacturer will be displayed in correspondence with the WHO “COVID-19 vaccine tracker and landscape” document updated on the WHO Portal and “Value Sets for EU Digital COVID”. Certificates” issued by the European Union (EU).

With the current granting process, in order to own a vaccine passport, people do not have to do anything. This process is done by vaccination facilities, the Department of Preventive Medicine is the focal point to digitally sign.

If the vaccination information is complete, the vaccine passport will automatically update on the PC-COVID software and the Electronic Health Book. People only need to access these software, information about electronic passports will appear on the homepage. To get a QR code, people click on the e-passport section on the home screen, all information and a QR code will appear.

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Vaccine passport form displayed on PC COVID app.

Conditions to be granted

According to the Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health), up to now, the preparations for the issuance of vaccine passports have been basically completed. People who have been vaccinated, correctly declared information and have their data entered into the system by vaccination facilities, authenticated with the National Population Database, will be issued with a vaccine passport and not required to be vaccinated. What further procedure.

In order to be issued a passport for COVID-19 vaccine, people should note the following conditions:

– Persons who have been vaccinated and are vaccinated by the vaccination facility enter data into the system, check the information on the application of the Electronic Health Book. Information must be accurate, properly authenticated with the National Database on Population.

– Cases with incorrect or missing vaccination information will not be issued a vaccine passport. In this case, this person needs to contact the vaccination facility to supplement, update it directly or report it to the Immunization Portal (

– People need to accurately declare information when getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccine passports will be displayed on the Electronic Health Number application, PC-COVID or when people look up on the website of the Ministry of Health.

To look up, people need to declare information including full name, date of birth, gender, citizen identification number or personal identification number, date of last injection, email. Here, people who do not use smart phones can register to receive information via email and print it into a hard copy for use.

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Vietnam vaccine passport form.

Vaccine passport issuance process

Step 1: Immunization establishments review, verify and authenticate information about people getting vaccinated against COVID-19 according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Step 2: Immunization facilities digitally sign COVID-19 vaccination data on the COVID-19 Immunization Management platform. This platform connects and shares vaccination data with the Vaccination Certification Management System COVID-19 meet the regulations on connecting medical data issued by the Ministry of Health.

Data on vaccination against COVID-19 vaccine on the basis of need to meet regulations: Having had enough COVID-19 vaccines with 8 vaccines licensed by the Ministry of Health (including: AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Vero Cell, Pfizer, Moderna) , Janssen, Hayat-Vax and Abdala – each vaccine product is assigned a code).

Step 3: The Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) digitally signs the certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 vaccine. The certificate is issued using the QR code format in accordance with the EU regulatory standards.

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Owning an electronic vaccine passport will help people facilitate travel and international trade. (Artwork:

QR code valid for 12 months

According to Nguyen Ba Hung, Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health), the validity of the QR code on vaccine passports is 12 months as recommended by the World Health Organization. World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union, to ensure confidentiality.

“Despite the 12-month period, this is only a technical solution, does not affect the use of people’s vaccine passports. After 12 months, the system will automatically generate another QR code. This is like us. have to change the password after the period of e-banking applications”, Mr. Hung said.

Faced with people’s need to own a vaccine passport for travel and international exchanges, the Ministry of Health requires vaccination facilities across the country to prepare necessary conditions, deploy digital signatures for vaccination certificates. COVID-19 strain from April 8 for the Ministry to issue vaccine passports to people starting from April 15.

To make the process of issuing passports for the upcoming vaccine go smoothly and effectively, the Ministry of Health assigned the Information Technology Department to absorb the opinions of localities and units, and urgently finalize the Guidelines for the issuance of vaccines. vaccine passport. Immunization facilities across the country must review, supplement and authenticate COVID-19 vaccination information, enter complete and accurate COVID-19 vaccination data into the vaccine passport service system.

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