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When can preschool children go to school: Director of Hanoi Department of Education answers

That is information from the Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training Tran The Cuong at an online meeting about the implementation of work for primary and sixth grade students in 30 districts, towns and cities to return to school. out this morning 5/4.

Accordingly, along with the implementation of direct learning with primary and 6th grade students, the Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training also suggested that the Department of Education and Training in 30 districts and towns be ready to be mentally, physically, and emotionally. human resources, resources, physical facilities so that when they are eligible, they will let preschool students go live learning.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Phung Ngoc Oanh, Head of Education and Training Department of Ba Vi district, said that in preschool, 5-year-old children need to go to school early to ensure the necessary skills and luggage before entering. grade 1. According to Mr. Oanh, if possible, 5-year-olds should be allowed to go to school directly after the Hung Kings Anniversary holiday.

Regarding the order of organizing preschool children to go to school, Mr. Tran The Cuong said that after elementary and 6th grade students go to school smoothly, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training will consult the parents of preschool students. young to ensure consensus, consensus on the policy. At the same time, it is suggested that the preschool system of districts, towns and cities be ready to activate conditions and processes to prepare preschool children to go back to school in the near future.

Previously, on April 4, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training announced a plan for students from grades 1-6 in inner-city districts to go back to school directly from April 6.

However, according to the latest announcement of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, preschool children continue to stay home from school.

Many parents expressed concern that preschool children may also suffer if they stay home from school for too long. Not to mention, some families and parents are also passive, even struggling with the assignment of babysitters when they have not yet come to school.

Exchange with VietNamNetSome parents think that, when they send primary school students back to school, the leaders of Hanoi city and the Department of Education and Training should consider expanding this for preschool children soon.

When can preschool children go to school: Director of Hanoi Department of Education answers

Ms. Huyen Linh (a parent with 2 children in primary and preschool in Hoang Mai district) suggested that preschool children should be returned to school soon instead of “many families have to send their children to underground care classes”. .

“For preschool children, I think they should go to school, because it is more difficult for them to go to school underground; suffering children, suffering families.

Preschool and kindergarten children are actually the most disadvantaged compared to other educational levels. Because the siblings stopped going to school but still learned, at least they could still interact and talk with her online. As for preschool and kindergarten children, they can only do some activities according to the instructions of the clip and their parents, some children do not. My child was a little interested at first, but then got bored and now refuses to watch the clips and then follows along so that mom can record the action video. Now, being able to interact, play with you is probably something that your child enjoys more than anything. Not to mention, the preschool teachers themselves in many institutions are exhausted because they haven’t been to school for a long time.”

Ms. Le Minh Phuong (a parent in Thanh Xuan district) shared: “Children of preschool age compared to grade 1 children are not too much different. Meanwhile, preschool children require more adult care than primary school children. Sending preschool children to school will reduce pressure on parents in arranging jobs and people to look after the children.

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