Which securities company or bank advises Tan Hoang Minh to mobilize more than VND 10,000 billion of bonds?

On the evening of April 4, the State Securities Commission issued Decision No. 181/QD-UBCK to cancel 09 bond offerings from July 2021 to March 2022 with a total value of VND 10,030 billion of Star Companies. Viet, Winter Palace Company, Soleil Company under Tan Hoang Minh Group due to acts of disclosing untruthful information, concealing information in private bond issuance activities.

So which securities companies and banks have participated in consulting, issuing, managing collateral,… for the mobilization process of Tan Hoang Minh?

According to information on the bond page of the Hanoi Stock Exchange, Viet Star Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd held 2 bond issuances in July 2021 and September 2021.

In the issuance of bonds worth 800 billion VND in July 2021, Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (BVSC) is an organization that advises on offering documents, an issuing agent, and a depository registration agent.

SHB Bank is a secured asset management agent. In the bond issuance in September 2021 with a total value of 1,900 billion VND.

Agribank Securities Company (Agriseco) is a unit of consultancy on offering documents and an issuing agent.

VietinBank account management, collateral assets.

Soleil . Hotel Services & Investment Joint Stock Company There were 3 bond issuances, in July, August and November 2021, respectively. The first issuance has a total value of VND 800 billion, nominal interest rate of 11.75%/year, term of 2 years.

SHB continue to be an account management agent and collateral.

An Binh Securities Joint Stock Company acting as an advisory organization as well as a bond depository registration agent.

In the following two bond issues, Agribank Securities Company (Agriseco) all consult the offer documents, also VietinBank also manage accounts and collateral.

For Winter Palace Joint Stock CompanyThis company also issued 2 bond lots in November 2021 and most recently in February 2022. In the first issuance with a total value of VND 450 billion, term of 36 months, fixed interest rate of 11.5%/year, dossier consulting organization, registration and depository agent and owner’s representative The bonds in this issue are KIS Vietnam Securities Companythe account management unit is VietinBank.

In particular, the issuance in February 2022 has a total value of up to 3,230 billion VND, with a term of 4 years, but the specific interest rate is not announced as well as the name of the securities company that advises documents, acts as an agent or a bank. secured asset management. Currently, the bond portal of the Hanoi Stock Exchange only publishes summary information about this issuance.

Issuing companyRelease timeAmount mobilized (billion VND)Advice companyBank account management, collateral
Vietnamese Star7/2021800BVSCSHB
SoleilAugust 2021450AgrisecoVietinBank
Vietnamese StarSeptember 20211,900AgrisecoVietinBank
Winter Palace11/2021450KIS VietnamVietinBank
Winter PalaceFebruary 20223.230

Among the 3 enterprises mentioned above by the State Securities Commission, Sao Viet is also the representative who participated in the Thu Thiem land auction and then dropped the deposit.

Before the decision to cancel the 9 bond issuances just announced by the State Securities Commission, Tan Hoang Minh recently made a notice to investors.

“In the event that one of these issuances has to be canceled at the request of a state management agency, the Group will work with the bond issuer, state management agency and related parties to complete it. return the entire amount raised from the Customer in accordance with the law.It is expected that the refund processing process to the Customer will be carried out as follows:

– For Contracts that are due for payment: The Client’s investment amount will be refunded as soon as possible.

– For contracts that are not yet due for payment: The Group will urgently coordinate with state management agencies, work with the issuer, the asset management bank to process and return the Customer. strictly follow the instructions and directions of the competent authorities in the spirit of goodwill and comply with the provisions of the law”.

Tan Hoang Minh said this is an extremely unfortunate incident, beyond the wishes of the Group. This enterprise also commits that the bond information advised to customers is consistent with the information provided by the bond issuer, the collateral valuation company, and the collateral asset management bank. Tan Hoang Minh wrote in the press release. 20220405100927917.chn

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