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Who said black office clothes

Not only beautiful and talented, VTV’s editors also have an extremely trendy fashion sense. In addition to the colorful sets, Mai Ngoc, Thu Huong and Thuy Van also own a wardrobe with a series of items with two opposing colors, black and white. It seemed that the mix of black and white clothes was gloomy and bland, but these 3 editors bring an elegant and modern image that is worth learning. Let’s take a closer look at these 3 female editors to learn about summer office fashion.

Editor Mai Ngoc

Dubbed as ”The most beautiful editor on VTV”, Mai Ngoc always appears with a gentle, gentle image whether on screen or in real life. This girl’s wardrobe also has a lot of items with black and white tones that she mix & match with super high hands. Mai Ngoc often chooses skirts with ruffles to exude femininity and arrogance. In addition, simple shirt patterns are also extremely personalized by Mai Ngoc.

The white office dress with black border helps Mai Ngoc’s appearance look more elegant and luxurious. If you love Mai Ngoc’s style, please refer to the suggestions below.

Who said black and white office clothes are bland, just look at the lemongrass beauty of the 3 VTV beauty queens and you'll be instantly addicted - Photo 2.

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Editor-in-Chief Thu Huong

Compared to Mai Ngoc, editor Thu Huong’s style is much more mature and graceful. This 38-year-old female editor often chooses short vests, blazers and skirts to add femininity to the outfit. Vest models like BTV Thu Huong’s are also quite easy to find, you can immediately refer to a few similar suggestions with a super “sweet” price that you can find.

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Editor/runner-up Thuy Van

Famous as one of the best-dressed female editors of the TV station, Thuy Van’s office outfit not only exudes luxury but also has the ability to exaggerate her figure. Compared to the sister association, Thuy Van prefers stylish dresses and polite suits. From the wardrobe of this runner-up and editor, you can choose similar sets to wear on special occasions.

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