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2 zodiac animals, career is unstable, money is lost

Born in the year of Dog


Arrogance is the reason why people born in the year of the Dog easily hit a dead end, see their mistakes and refuse to correct them, eventually making the work even more deadlocked.

When problems have arisen, you should learn to face reality frankly, not trying to blame the situation or blame others.


This month, you need to be very careful when evaluating items, do not be easily swayed by the words of outsiders. The spending aspect also needs to be more economical, if you avoid any amount, you should do your best to avoid it, otherwise it is easy to fall into a situation of nothing but not sure that you have obtained the desired results.

Dai Hao shows that this month, you still spend a lot of money on competition, power struggles or spending on life.

Therefore, always remind yourself to spend your savings, if you avoid any, you should do your best to avoid it, otherwise it is easy to fall into a situation of nothing but not sure to get the desired results.


On the emotional side, some families fall into the situation of husband and wife arguing and conflicting over petty things. It seems that at this point, you no longer want to go into the water, so the stress situation lasts longer, affecting everyone’s spirit.

The single person may still want to continue living in his or her own world, even if it’s difficult, you don’t want to ask others for help. This cold, distant attitude is part of the reason why people around are hesitant to approach.

Year of the Pig


The month with Nguyet Lenh Lam Dat Tu added Tuong Chong Thai Tue, the work of the Year of the Pig faced many difficulties in implementation, the cooperation was not really smooth when colleagues did not agree, and superiors pressured him. force. All these problems seriously affect the working spirit of Zodiac this.

Bad luck, so I also need to be wary of small people harming. At this time, it is best to focus on improving social relationships, living a peaceful and precious life, not showing a strong ego, listening to people’s opinions to adjust yourself.


Wealth also dropped sharply due to the impact of Dai Hao, doing business at this time is not stable, it is difficult to accumulate talents. This month you need to limit borrowing, mortgage, especially borrowing for others in your name, lest the person who suffers is yourself.


Emotionally, you need to be more active in relationships, spend more time with your family, care about your partner, children and parents instead of being absorbed in your ideals. Single people are not really ready for a serious relationship, so happiness has not come yet.

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