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3 recipes for making delicious and irresistible cakes

What is Tiramisu?

Tiramisu is a cake from the beautiful country of Italy. In Italian, Tiramisu means “take me” so people consider this cake a symbol of love.

Tiramisu Cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 1

The texture of the traditional tiramisu cake is part of the biscuit interspersed with cream, cheese, wine, coffee,… With its distinctive aroma, this cake has captivated many visitors.

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu is divided into traditional and “variant” varieties.

While traditional flavors only use a few familiar ingredients like cocoa powder, rum, and whipped cream, the “variants” of tiramisu will have many other ingredients. Several names can be mentioned such as: Fresh cream, beaten egg, Mascarpone cheese…

Not only that, people also add liqueur here, so that the taste of the cake is more delicious and diverse.

At first glance, everyone thinks that making this cake must be very picky and complicated, but when you start making it, it turns out to be not as difficult as many people think. Join Eva Kitchen to refer to the following recipe for this amazing Italian cake.

Standard tiramisu recipe

Mastering the ingredients and the process of making tiramisu, the sisters will effortlessly complete this famous delicious cake to entertain the whole family.

1. How to make a simple tiramisu cake

With the cake base already in place, you’ll soon have a delicious tiramisu standard.

a) Cake ingredients

– Chicken eggs: 3 eggs

– Rum: 20ml

– Black coffee grounds: 48g

– Mascarpone Cheese: 250g

– White sugar: 70g

– Whipped cream: 300ml

– Sampa Cake

– Cocoa powder

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 3

Tools for making tiramisu

– Large bowl for mixing ingredients

– Egg Whiskers

– Round or square cake mold depending on your preference

Note, you should choose a removable bottom mold for easy pouring and taking of the cake. If you don’t have a mold, you can place the cake in a glass or small cup.

b) How to make traditional tiramisu

Step 1: Prepare the cake cream

– Pour the rum and ground black coffee into a bowl.

– Separate the eggs from the yolks and put them in a bowl. Add the sugar and beat with an electric mixer until smooth, then add the Whipping cream and Mascarpone cheese.

– Continue to use the mixer until the ingredients are mixed. Note, do not set the machine at high speed because it will make the dough break easily and affect the quality of the cake.

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 4

Step 2: Make the cake core

Since you’ve prepared the dumplings, you won’t have to waste time making the core of the cake.

– First, you dip the dumplings into the mixture of rum and coffee grounds made in step 1.

– Put the cake in the mold then pour the made egg cream mixture on it.

– Repeat the steps above until you run out of shampoo and ice cream, then stop.

– Spread the remaining cream on top and sprinkle more cocoa powder to finish.

Tiramisu Cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 5

Step 3: Presentation

– Place the finished cake in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. When eating, you just need to take the cake out and cut it for the whole family to enjoy.

– Tiramisu will give the best taste if left for about 8 hours.

Tiramisu Cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 6

2. How to make Tiramisu without Mascarpone

Mascarpone cheese is an indispensable ingredient in tiramisu. However, without Mascarpone, you can still make delicious tiramisu thanks to this recipe:

a) Ingredients for tiramisu

– Cake core: 200g

– Milkshakes: 4 boxes

– Whipped cream: 200ml

– Sugar: 80g

– Rum: 45ml

– Cocoa powder

– Instant coffee: 1 pack

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 7

Baking tools

– Egg Whiskers

– Clean bowl

– Cake mold

b) How to make tiramisu without Mascarpone

Step 1: Process the ice cream

– Put 4 squares of whey in a large bowl, then add powdered sugar and rum. Use an electric mixer to beat the dough until combined.

– Add 200ml Whipping cream in a bowl and beat. To make the whisking easier, you should add about 1 drop of lemon juice. It should be noted that the dough expands, do not shake too hard or too long because then the whipping cream will come off.

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 8

Step 2: Save the ice cream

– Place the freshly prepared whey and whipping cream mixture in a large bowl and mix well.

– Place the mixture in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Step 3: Make the cake core

– Brew a packet of coffee with 45 ml of boiling water.

– Put the sponge cake into the mold and pour the coffee water over it. Scoop 1 serving of ice cream already in the fridge and place another layer of cake on top. Repeat this operation until you run out of ingredients.

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 9

– Spread a layer of cream then sprinkle cocoa powder on the surface of the cake.

– Place the cake in the refrigerator for about 1 hour to enjoy.

Step 4: Presentation

Tiramisu without Mascapone is delicious and greasy like the traditional version. You can use it for dessert or as a side dish.

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 10

3. How to make tiramisu oreo

The mouthwatering Oreo tiramisu is sure to make cake lovers not to be left behind.

a) Ingredients for tiramisu oreo

– Oreos: 10 pieces

– Chicken eggs: 1 egg

– Vanilla: 2g

– Wheat flour: 40g

– Warm water: 50g

– Instant coffee: 2g

– Mascarpone Cheese: 200g

– Whipped cream: 200g

– Powdered sugar: 20g

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 11

Baking tools

– Glass bowl or porcelain bowl

– Oven gloves

– Cake mold

– Stencil

– Egg Whiskers

b) How to make tiramisu oreo bánh

Step 1: Prepare the oreo part

Split the Oreo cake in half, take the black biscuit skin, put it in a plastic bag and crush it.

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 12

Step 2: Make ice cream

– The egg separates the yolk and white.

– Put the egg yolks in a bowl, add 3g of granulated sugar, 2g of vanilla, then use a whisk to beat the dough until fluffy.

– Put the remaining egg whites into another bowl, turn on the whisk on the lowest speed, beat until the eggs are foamy, then add 10 grams of sugar. Continue beating until the sugar dissolves, then add another 10g. Observe if the dough is soft and creamy in texture, then beat for about 1-2 minutes and then stop.

Step 3: Cake dough process

– Mix egg yolks and whites processed in step 2 into the dough. Be careful not to burst any air bubbles.

– Add about 40g of flour to the egg mixture above. Note, this step you have to filter so that the powder is not gritty.

Tiramisu Cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 13

Step 4: Make the cake shape

– Line the cake tin with wax paper, then put the dough mixture in step 3 into a piping bag.

– Cleverly print the cake you like. Sprinkle crushed Oreo cookie dough on top of the cake.

Step 5: Bake the tiramisu

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 14

– Turn on the oven then set the temperature to 170 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to turn it on for 10-15 minutes first so that the heat is stable and the cake will be tastier.

– Put the cake tray in the oven. While baking, set the heat to 170 degrees for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Make Mascarpone

While waiting for the cake to cook, start making the Mascarpone dough.

– Put it in a bowl containing 50ml of warm water, 2g of instant coffee, 8g of powdered sugar, then beat well until the ingredients are mixed.

– Add 200g of mascarpone cheese, 20g of sugar, cream of oreo cake, mix well.

– Add 200g of cold whipped cream to a bowl and stir again to combine all ingredients.

Step 7: Finished product

Tiramisu cake: 3 delicious recipes that are hard to resist - 15

– Put the newly made Mascarpone dough in an ice cream bag and then press into the mold. Note, apply a layer of cream to make the cake even tastier.

– Spread crushed Oreo cookies to cover the surface of the cream. Follow the principle, 1 layer of cream, 1 layer of crushed Oreos until all ingredients are used up.

– Remove the cleverly baked cake, roll it in the coffee water once, then place it on the cake’s surface.

– Sprinkle a little more crushed oreos and you’ve finished a delicious round oreo tiramisu cake.

How many calories are in Tiramisu? Eat fat?

According to nutritionists, every 100 grams of tiramisu will contain about 160 calories. So, the bigger the cake you eat, the higher the calorie content.

Although the calories carried by tiramisu are quite high, if you eat a reasonable amount, it will not have too much effect on weight.

You can imagine, every day, the human body requires about 2000 calories. If you eat enough 3 meals, each meal you should add 667 calories.

So, if you have 507 calories for lunch, you can eat 1 tiramisu weighing 100g or the equivalent of 160 calories. This is a sensible way to help you eat your favorite cake without fear of gaining weight.

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