Almost got another shocking surprise, Thailand had to face Vietnam in the semi-finals

The temper is the most obvious thing in the Thai futsal team in the opening stage of the decisive match against Malaysia. The previous disastrous draw with Indonesia caused the strikers of “War Elephants” to enter the match with the mindset of having to “eat up” the opponent, even though the victory means the top of the table, it also means meeting Vietnam in the semi-finals.

Before the opponent’s “like a waterfall” attack, Malaysia organized an extremely tight defense to reduce the excitement of the opponent. Occasionally they can organize quick counter-attacks, but the number of participants is not enough to “make it happen”.

Quite unlucky for Malaysia when a series of rushing attacks from Thailand could not make their goal penetrate, they “died” by an unfortunate careless phase of the home defender when he lost the ball right away. in front of the penalty area at the foot of Thailand’s captain Kritsada. Right after that was a pass to clear the deck for Tanapol to finish accurately, clearing the deadlock for the home team.

The idea that “first and foremost”, after the “opening door” goal will be the next goals like the way that Vietnam beat Australia to get tickets to the semi-finals, Thailand “stumbled” full of surprises. .

Almost got a surprise surprise, Thailand had to face Vietnam in the semi-finals - Photo 1.

It must be said that in this match, goalkeeper Katawut made many mistakes. Right before the Thai team opened the scoring, the goalkeeper held the ball up in the middle of the field to shoot from afar and almost had to pay the price when the Malaysian player’s long-range tire missed the empty goal. inch.

Minutes 14.6 minutes after Thailand’s opening goal, Malaysia suddenly got an equalizer when Katawut “showed off” too early, allowing Farhan to skillfully “thread” the net. The ratio is balanced.

More surprisingly, after the equalizer, Malaysia played well, causing the opponent to wobble for more than 5 minutes at the end of the first half. Meanwhile, the Thai players’ legs are a bit shaky because if they lose, they will have to give up the ticket to the opponent and be eliminated from the group stage.

Almost got a surprise surprise, Thailand had to face Vietnam in the semi-finals - Photo 2.

And then that prospect was closer than ever with Malaysia’s surprise goal from the Thai player’s loss of the ball in the 26th minute, allowing Farhan to hit the goal of Katawut one more time.

After the unexpected goal that brought Malaysia to this spectacular comeback, the match was pushed to the climax. Thailand put suffocating pressure on the opponent, and then got an equalizer just 3 minutes after the goal to help Malaysia rise. This time Sarawut was present at the right time, in the right place to cushion the ball close to the net after a long shot by his teammates.

It took 4 phases to finish with the same time the ball hit the post before Thailand got the decisive goal to take a 3-2 lead over Malaysia at a time when the match was only 6 minutes away. Finally, the suffocating chase ended. The order was repeated even though the team that was considered the strongest in Southeast Asia had moments of howling.

With nothing to lose, Malaysia recklessly played power-play, and the result was Kritsada’s empty net with only one and a half minutes remaining.

With this hard victory, Thailand will meet Vietnam in the semi-finals. This match promises to be fiery and whoever wins will have a great chance to win the championship.

Score: Thailand 4-2 Malaysia


Thailand: Tanapol (8′), Sarawut (29′, 34′), Kritsada (39′)

Malaysia: Farhan (14′, 26′)

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