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Amazing astronomical phenomena appear in the sky in April

The Lyrids meteor shower and the Full Moon are two of many amazing astronomical phenomena this month.

April 17 – Full Moon

The Moon will be on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and its side will be completely illuminated. This phase occurs at 1:57 am (Vietnam time).

The Native Americans called it the Pink Moon because it marked the arrival of the rose, the first flowering of spring. This moon is also known as the Grass Sprout moon, the Rising moon, and the Egg moon. Many coastal tribes call it Fish Moon because that’s when the Sardines swim upstream to spawn.

April 22 and 23 – Lyrids meteor shower

Amazing astronomical phenomena appear in the sky April - January

April 2018 Lyrids meteor shower. (Photo: Jaclyn Anglis)

The Lyrids are an average meteor shower, typically reaching about 20 meteors an hour at its peak. This meteor shower formed from dust particles left over from comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, discovered in 1861.

The Lyrids meteor shower usually occurs from April 16 to 25 every year. This year’s climax takes place on the night of the 22nd and early morning on the 23rd. Sometimes bright, long-tailed meteors appear for a few seconds in this meteor shower.

Astronomy lovers can head towards the constellation Libra or anywhere in the sky. Pay attention to choose a place with little light and air pollution, monitor weather information if you intend to observe. The ideal time to observe is after 12pm.

April 30 – Partial solar eclipse

Amazing astronomical phenomena appear in the sky April - February

Partial solar eclipse in December, 2021. (Image: Annie Schmidt)

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon partially obscures the Sun, making it look like a cookie. Partial eclipses can be viewed through special filters or by looking at the reflection of the sun.

This phenomenon will be well observed over most of the southeastern Pacific and southern South America. Best observed in Argentina with up to 53% coverage. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not observed in Vietnam.

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