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Aviation enterprises propose to reduce taxes and fees

Transport Association International Airlines (IATA) predicts that this year, the domestic aviation market will recover about 93%. In which, the plan to recover the domestic market in Vietnam is 96%, higher than the average forecast. Airlines are actively preparing for the upcoming peak travel season.

Bamboo Airways is now operating at 100% capacity, with a occupancy rate of more than 85% for domestic routes and up to 70% for international routes. A number of training and technical activities are being actively deployed to make the most of the tourism recovery momentum, said a business representative.

This airline is also planning to continue to open more domestic routes in the near future, taking advantage of airports that were less exploited before.

Aviation enterprises propose to reduce taxes and fees - Photo 1.

Aviation enterprises propose to reduce additional taxes and fees. Illustration – Photo: Dan Tri.

Similarly, Vietnam Airlines has also opened 16 more flight routes compared to the time before the epidemic in 2019 to anticipate the recovery of tourism. Viettravel Airlines has also recently launched a series of preferential air tickets.

In 2021, airline businesses have had to suffer huge losses with the total number of international arrivals decreasing by nearly 75% compared to before the epidemic. It is good news to welcome international guests back, but to make the best use of this opportunity, Aviation Business Association think more support is needed.

The airlines proposed the State Bank to speed up the credit support package for aviation businesses with the interest rate of 0% or preferential interest rates with a long-term repayment period of 3-5 years; exempting corporate income tax for this year, reducing VAT to 5% and reducing import tax on aviation fuel from 7% to 0%.

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