Best son-in-law in the world for doing this for his mother-in-law for 40 years

The story has made social media users constantly touched and praised.

Chinese media spread a video of a person man in Sichuan prepares tofu for his mother-in-law, Li Jiulian, who is 115 years old.

“It’s what she likes to eat. I feed her a little bit every week.” he said. “She doesn’t like the ready-made – it’s too bland. Homemade is better.” Then, the video shows him feeding his mother-in-law, combing his hair and carrying his mother-in-law on his back to cross the forest.

Best son-in-law in the world for doing one thing for his mother-in-law for 40 years-1
Ms. Li’s son-in-law is praised by netizens as the world’s best son-in-law.

Ms. Li moved into her daughter’s house after the death of her only son in the late 1970s.

Since then, her son-in-law has almost shouldered the entire responsibility of taking care of each and every glass of his mother-in-law. The story touched and praised Chinese netizens.

Signs you have an ideal husband

1. He is not afraid of difficulties and is always ready to solve any problem

A real man must not only say nice words but also act decisively. In difficult situations, he still has to be a solid support for you.

2. Know how to care for your wife’s relatives

If he really loves you, loving your wife’s family is also the most obvious expression of a perfect husband.

Whenever his wife’s family is in trouble, he will always care and be ready to help. He is always enthusiastic about his wife’s work and often calls everyone in the family.

In return, you should also care a lot and love your husband’s family. Guaranteed, then he will be very happy and proud of a wife like you!

3. He always supports you, even when you make a serious mistake

Anyone can make mistakes and when it happens, he’ll be there for you. In any situation, your husband should always be the one to support you, not to blame.

4. Always take the initiative to take care of your wife

When in love, men will find ways to care for the woman they love. However, after marriage, their attitudes may change. Many men take their wives for granted. They think that the two are already husband and wife, so they don’t need to care about each other anymore.

A good husband no matter how long he has been married to you, he still actively cares about you every day. When you are sick, he will take care of you and create conditions for you to rest longer.

A good husband will be willing to help his wife with housework. Meeting him is your luck in life.

Best son-in-law in the world for doing one thing for his mother-in-law for 40 years-2

5. Be happy to actively help your wife with housework

Today, in the eyes of wives, a husband who helps his wife with housework is always the sexiest man. And rightly so, this not only shows their bravery from the smallest jobs but also the way to speak love by action to people. women mine.

There is no wife who at first turns off her dark face and gets her husband to roll up her sleeves and jump in without finding him attractively handsome, that is a masculine beauty that exudes from his clumsiness and sometimes slang. wait, don’t know where to start and how to do it.

He completely volunteered to share the housework with his wife without complaining. If you need him to go shopping or do this or that, he will surely fulfill your need instead of continuing with the game he loves.

6. He knows how to cheer you up

When you’re feeling bad, your guy always knows how to bring you back to your old rhythm. He will tell jokes, provide support, and do things that make you feel better.

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