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Clip: The bride “crying” when her wedding dress was changed without telling-Young

Thursday, April 7, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

A girl has “crying and laughing” after discovering that the tailor changed her wedding dress without asking.

Many women dream of their wedding day as little girls, from the venue to their outfits. So what would you do if your tailor ruined your dream dress? Here’s what happened to a woman in the United States who said her tailor fixed her dress without consulting her, leaving her in tears.

Niki Weinstock shared her story on her TikTok account with an image of a slouchy mini dress that allegedly didn’t look like what she asked for.

Clip: The bride

This is the original dress (left) and the tailor says she can give Niki what she wants

She explained: “What I wanted to do was add sleeves, but I couldn’t do that with the designer because my mom got it from a sample sale and it was overseas. So the designer gave me one. tons of material to be able to add a sleeve in. There were no shoulders on the dress and you needed that for the sleeves, so when I went to the tailor and told her that, she said yes could make a gorgeous sleeve for me and would fill the shoulder with a little embellishment.”

However, the sleeve was not what she requested, it was big and puffy. Niki also confirmed that she didn’t just go to a cheap tailor, but chose someone who was recommended by people back home.

She later claimed the tailor “threatened to sue me if I didn’t pay $300 for the work she did,” even though that’s not what she wanted.

Since being posted, the video has garnered more than 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people stunned by the seamstress’ audacity.

“What a mess. The end product is absolutely gorgeous!”, one person said.

While another added: “It’s not at all that she didn’t get the fabric you paid for. She scammed you. A tailor doesn’t do anything but what the customer wants.”

The third added: “Girl, go home before you cry. I don’t cry often, but I want to reflect on the first seamstress.”

Others have shared their similar horror stories.

One person said: “I had the same thing! I didn’t get my dress back until that day, an hour before the tailor fixed it.”

Another wrote: “I worked at a bridal shop. We let a seamstress leave an oil stain on our bridesmaid’s dress and tried to blame us for it. It took me 2 hours to get it out.”

A third added: BILLIONoh have to get a new dress 5 days before my wedding.”

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