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Crushing Australia 5-1 thanks to a “fluff” striker, Vietnam Tel rekindled the hope of avoiding Thailand in the semi-finals

Perfect start

Although a draw is enough to get the ticket to continue, as well as a big win, it is difficult to avoid Thailand in the semi-finals, but coach Pham Minh Giang still gave the students a fierce attack game right from the beginning of the match. Faced with the rushing attack of Vietnamese players, Australia actively endured the match, waiting for the opportunity to counterattack to rely on Jordan Guerreiro’s free kicks.

More than half the first half passed in the overwhelming position of the Vietnamese team, but goalkeeper Dylan Niski’s goal was still standing until the ball on the left wing of Phong Hoa in the 13th minute. Phong Hoa’s cross. was successfully blocked by goalkeeper Dylan Niski, but Nguyen Thinh Phat was present at the right time.

Thinh Phat’s left foot shot was extremely accurate, making goalkeeper Dylan Niski unable to make a successful save, hitting Australia’s net to open the scoring for the Vietnamese team.

Crushing Australia 5-1 thanks to a striker, Vietnam Tel rekindled the hope of avoiding Thailand in the semi-finals - Photo 1.

Wearing the number 10 shirt of the Vietnamese futsal team, Thinh Phat is the “pet” of coach Pham Minh Giang. Coming from football “covered” and had an injury that completely broke the left knee ligament. From 6 years ago, coach Pham Minh Giang discovered in Phat “rom” possessing a special gene to be able to “plan” for the future of Vietnamese futsal.

Nearly two years ago, talking about this student, coach Pham Minh Giang was extremely confident: “Thinh Phat’s addition has improved the finishing for Thai Son Nam a lot. He has a powerful shot and a very high range of the ball. If he continues to maintain his form, I will consider bringing Phat to the focus team to prepare for the final round of the Asian Futsal Championship 2020.“And in today’s tournament, Thinh Phat is the main striker of this Binh Thuan coach to beat Australia in a key match that opens the door to the semi-finals.

Right after Thinh Phat’s goal, the Vietnamese team had another extremely delicious opportunity to double the lead from Minh Tri’s skillful finish. Unfortunately, the ball narrowly missed the post.

On the other side, Jordan Guerreiro’s far-left shots were also quite effective with two shots hitting the goal post of goalkeeper Ho Van Y.

It was thought that the first round would end with a fragile distance in favor of the Vietnamese team, but at the time of the first half, there were only 15 seconds left, coach Pham Minh Giang’s students had a counterattack from the penalty area. home team location.

This time Thinh Phat lost the ball, but his teammates promptly cut the ball in the middle of the field, let Thai Huy turn around and hit a dangerous long shot that made goalkeeper Dylan Niski’s goal net vibrate for the second time, at the same time. There are only 6 seconds left in the first half.

Crushing Australia 5-1 thanks to a striker, Vietnam Tel rekindled the hope of avoiding Thailand in the semi-finals - Photo 2.

Turning point “He lost his horse again”

Of course, with a two-goal lead, plus the Australian players were still stunned with the goal in the last seconds of the first half, the Vietnamese players continued to “own the game”, making the opponent extremely deadlocked when the second half started. But unfortunately, that is also the time when coach Pham Minh Giang’s students “shot in the foot”.

In the 26th minute, in the phase of the ball where the opponent’s player missed the momentum in crossing the ball, making sure the ball would go all the way across, suddenly the “international-class” goalkeeper Ho Nhu Y came out full of confusion, cut down the Australian player in the penalty area full of surprise. It is hard to believe that the number 1 goalkeeper of the Vietnamese futsal team has such an immature foul on amateurs.

The referee had no choice but to point at the penalty spot, and on the 6m mark, Fognito did not give Ho Van Y any chance to correct the mistake. Tension began to be placed on the feet of Vietnamese players.

In that tense situation, once again the “pow” of coach Pham Minh Giang shone at the right time, helping the Vietnamese team get a meaningful relief. At the time of the match with 6 minutes and 40 seconds left, Nhan Gia Hung had a ball on the right side that forced the Australian goalkeeper to come out to block. This player skillfully passed back to Thinh Phat to hit the right foot and hit an empty net.

With no other way, with the challenge of scoring 3 goals against Ho Van Y to overcome Vietnam into the semi-finals, Australia decided to play power-play in the remaining minutes. And they immediately paid the price. With 5 minutes left in the match, Chau Doan Phat stole the ball in the middle of the field and shot a long shot into Australia’s net. With 3 minutes remaining in the match, it was Van Hieu’s turn to tear the opponent’s net with a right-footed shot at the front of the goal.

Winning Australia by 4 goals, the Vietnamese team still has to wait for the match between Myanmar and Timor Leste to see if they have to meet Thailand in the semi-finals. If Myanmar cannot win with a difference of 5 goals, they will replace Vietnam to “take” Thailand in the semi-finals.

Score: Vietnam 5-1 Australia


Vietnam: Thinh Phat (13′, 33′), Thai Huy (20′), Chau Doan Phat (35′), Van Hieu (37′)

Australia: Fognito (27′ pen)

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