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Dad took his son to the wrong school, grade 1 was bewildered and refused to accept her

On the morning of April 6, Hanoi sent students from grades 1-6 to school on the first day of school after nearly a year of closing the school gates to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. As noted by PV, this morning, parents excitedly took their children to school quite early. The school year is only about 2 months away, but today is the first time the 1st graders can go to class. Many parents said that since last night, the children were so happy and excited that they tried on their uniforms, tried on their backpacks, and walked around in front of the mirror. This morning, many children woke up at 5-6 o’clock and urged their parents to take them to school early.

Father took his son to the wrong school, grade 1 was bewildered and refused to accept her - 1

The teacher of Trung Van Primary School contacted parents to pick up their children at the right school.

During epidemic conditions, many students bring their own drinking water bottles, personal hand towels and parents can only bring their children to the school gate, the teacher will stand to greet them. Although online learning lasted for a long time, the students only met through the screen, but today most of the students looked at the nameplate and recognized their teacher. Some children, after leaving the arms of their parents, are a bit surprised and bewildered, will be asked by the school teacher and taken to each class.

Rarely, at Trung Van primary school, a student, after being taken by his father, was welcomed by his teacher, but he was bewildered and bewildered and did not recognize any teachers. When asked, this student said that he is in class 1G. However, the homeroom teacher of class 1G also confirmed that there were no students with such names in the class, and the students did not recognize this as their teacher. After that, the students remembered their father’s phone number and the teacher contacted them to find out that this father took his child to the wrong school.

Your right school should be Nguyen Du Primary School, not far away. While waiting for the student’s father to come back to pick him up, the teacher sat next to him to talk and encourage the students not to panic.

Principal of Trung Van Primary School, Ms. Giang Thanh Thuy, said that the school divided shifts to pick up students, avoiding too many crowds at the same time in front of the school gate. As for grade 1, this is the first time the students have come to class. They do not know the teacher’s face or the classroom, so they hold name plates and stand at the school gate to welcome students. After receiving enough students, the teacher led them to the class and took them on a tour of the school, guided the function rooms as well as having familiarization activities before starting to teach.

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