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Do not consider U23 Vietnam to be the top team in SEA Games 31

According to the lottery results, Vietnam U23 team in the same group with Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Timor Leste in men’s football. In the other group, Thailand will face Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Laos.

“First of all, it must be clear that U23 Vietnam falls into the top group quite difficult. We have to meet 4 opponents with very good and equal professional quality.” expert Phan Anh Tu shared with VTC News.

“I think U23 Vietnam is not the top team in this group. The opponents will respect us because of the gold medal won at SEA Games 30, because of the position of the host country, along with that because of a one of the most developed football teams in Southeast Asia.

BILLIONHowever, we do not think that we are “upper” compared to other teams. I think the opponents we’re about to face are even. They are formidable and ready to overthrow us at any time.”expert Phan Anh Tu confirmed.

Expert: Don't consider U23 Vietnam as the top team in SEA Games 31 - 1

Table of men’s football at SEA Games 31.

“The most dangerous group in Group A is Indonesia. They have a high-class coach, creating a strong team with excellent discipline, physical strength and tactics.

The Philippines is also a team that contains many unexpected and unpredictable elements. In recent years, Philippine football has been successful with the philosophy of naturalizing players. Although there are not many achievements, this is certainly a European-style team that U23 Vietnam needs to be wary of.

Meanwhile, Myanmar and Timor Leste also have extremely annoying gameplay. If Myanmar has always brought great difficulty to U23 Vietnam in many past SEA Games, then Timor Leste is showing how strongly they have progressed in the past few years.“, Mr. Phan Anh Tu analyzed.

Expert: Don't consider U23 Vietnam to be the top team in SEA Games 31 - 2

U23 Vietnam is considered to have a strong defense

U23 Vietnam currently owns a disciplined defense with smooth operation. However, there are still big concerns on the offensive front.

“In fact, when watching the recent matches of U23 Vietnam in the Southeast Asian U23 tournament or the Dubai Cup, it can be seen that it is very difficult for us to lose. Against strong opponents, the defense of U23 Vietnam all played very well. good and leave great peace of mind.

However, what makes U23 Vietnam not really a quality team is that the public goods are not good. I have not seen the quality spearheads in U23 Vietnam.

This will definitely have to be improved by Coach Park Hang Seo before the 31st SEA Games. I think Mr. Park will summon a 23-year-old striker for Vietnam U23.” Mr. Phan Anh Tu shared.

According to the plan, men’s football at the SEA Games will take place from May 6 to May 22, at My Dinh, Viet Tri and Thien Truong stadiums. U23 Vietnam plays in Group A at Viet Tri Stadium (Phu Tho).

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