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Event venue in green space

An Lam Retreats, nestled in the midst of nature filled with green colors and inspirational spaces, is a suitable destination for events and seminars.

According to the representative of An Lam Retreats, instead of choosing a standard event venue located in the city center, many businesses have given priority to pristine locations close to nature. These destinations give them a sense of peace, relaxation, and inspiring spaces that help their creativity flourish.

To meet the needs of many businesses, the two resorts of An Lam Retreats have broken all available standards of conventional event model, with the uniqueness of space, experience, and venue, helping to create memorable moments.

The space is filled with green colors at the resorts of An Lam Retreats.  Photo: An Lam Retreats

The space is filled with green colors at the resorts of An Lam Retreats. Photo: An Lam Retreats

Inspirational space

Nestled in a peaceful riverside tropical garden, a 25-minute train ride from downtown HCMC, An Lam Retreats Saigon River creates a unique event experience amidst nature. This is home to a variety of places with green architecture combining modern interiors and sustainable building materials.

Unique party area Decking by the River.

Decking by the River party area. Photo: An Lam Retreats

If An House is nestled comfortably by the river, imbued with Vietnamese traditional beauty with a flexible design, connecting the space inside with the outside, Decking by the River is a place near Saigon with design ideas. unique, recreating the tropical garden setting. Rustic construction materials and poetic natural space create a very unique beauty, while maintaining relaxation and cohesion.

Located on the pristine peninsula of Ninh Van Bay with peaceful landscape and isolated location, An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay is one of the suitable destinations for travelers looking for privacy, together with nesting experiences. different events.

Nestled on the beach, the wooden house design with open space connecting nature from outside to inside makes Beach House a suitable place for visitors to enjoy relaxation, closeness to nature and organize parties. Cozy workshop, close to nature.

Beach House with open space connecting nature from outside to inside.

Beach House with open space connecting nature from outside to inside. Photo: An Lam Retreats

Set in an isolated area, By the Bay offers a delightful location with pristine natural surroundings. This place also owns a bar area hidden under the sand, making the bonding moments even more sublime.

By the Bay is a romantic place by the bay.  Photo: An Lam Retreats

Romantic scene by the bay at By the Bay. Photo: An Lam Retreats

Original cuisine

A representative of An Lam Retreats said that the two resorts of this brand impress diners not by the elegance of the cuisine, but by the original features and Vietnamese cultural values ​​that are breathed in each dish. . The originality is expressed through the use of high quality, delicious, ripe local ingredients, not too much masked by flavoring additives, combined with the nourishing ceramic processing process, bringing with them the best of both worlds. to positive health benefits.

Organic vegetable garden contributes significantly in conveying the original message with the criterion of self-sufficiency. In addition, the moment of rest after stressful meeting hours becomes impressive with a tea and coffee party consisting of low-fat, healthy snacks, built around themes such as tropical gardens or real food. Relax with neck and shoulder massage experience to help guests relax.

Dedicated service

With a sincere heart and the desire to create unforgettable experiences, the staff at An Lam Retreats pay attention to the smallest details from menu selection, to decoration style and program content. … All to ensure the events take place in the most complete way.

Lots of bonding activities

Bringing the event to life with group activities that embody the local cultural identity is the strength of An Lam Retreats. “Knowledge of the local area allows this resort brand to create exciting journeys, where the combination of destinations and experiences is always appreciated,” An Lam Retreats representative shared. shall.

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